A New Doctor in the House: Charlyne Yi

You may remember Charlyne Yi as the stoner girlfriend from the hilarious comedy "Knocked Up," or her self-written indie documentary "Paper Heart," where she goes on a quest for true love around the world, listening to people’s stories about how they found “the one.” You might have also seen her awkwardly weird YouTube videos (it's something about the way she talks that draws you in) or been jealous of her dating Michael Cera in his "Juno"-gym shorts. There's just so much to love, isn't there?

But—twist! Yi is back on the scene in a more serious role as a doctor on FOX’s eighth season of its medical drama "House." We know—seriously serious? Guess she'll replace Kal Penn as resident Asian doctor, but how's this going to end? The actress-comedian will be a regular on the show and is just one of two new cast members for the upcoming season. It’s awesome to see another Asian American getting cast in a dramatic role. No word yet on when the new season will start, but we bet Yi will do a great job, so watch on!