A College Student Starts a New 'Green' Movement

While most college students are busy cramming for finals or hosting a dorm party, Columbia University undergraduate Narayan Subramanian '13 was focused on a loftier goal. His organization, aptly named Collegiate Climate Collaboration (CCC), is committed to raising awareness about the environment and promoting climate change-related discussions amongst the international college community.

When asked what influenced Subramanian to start CCC, he said, "I spent a lot of the summer of 2010 reading about the 1968 protests at Columbia University and how influential the collegiate community was in putting an end to the Vietnam War. It has been my firm belief that the climate movement needs a similar mobilization of the collegiate community in order to really gain traction." And traction is certainly what CCC has fostered since its founding last summer. The website is peppered with useful links and articles that encourage college students to be informed and more importantly, take action.

Although Subramanian is proud of what he has accomplished so far, his goal is far from over. "One of our goals is to try to establish partnerships with as many collegiate eco-groups as possible," he said. “Our intention for this is to create a space for these groups to collaborate and engage in a cross pollination of ideas.” Ultimately, he hopes to make CCC a viable “environmental hub for the collegiate community,” one that would lead to a healthier Earth in the years to come.

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