15-Year-Old Develops Her Own Beauty Product

At only 15 years old, Monisha already has her own beauty product—an impressive feat for someone who's still in high school. Made from shea nuts from villages in Ghana, Monisha's 100 percent Natural Shea Butter is a god-send for the upcoming colder months when skin tends to become dry and flaky. Monisha's inspiration for the product is her mother, Esther Gokhale, who is the creator of the Gokhale method, a way of increasing health through posture. Monisha, who admires her mother for starting her own business, spent summers helping her mother prepare shea butter for her center.

Unlike other brands, Monisha’s shea butter is free of chemicals, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or added colors—perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin. You can use it all over to maintain skin hydration, or lather it on to problem areas to heal dry and cracked skin. My favorite use is on my knees or elbows, which can get dry and dull. It’s also great for treating cracked heels. This thick cream sinks into your skin rather than just sitting on top, which many cheap creams tend to do. It can calm eczema and soothe other skin irritations. As an additional beauty bonus, use the cream as a deep-conditioner for the dry tips of your hair—it works wonders!

Photo: egwellness.com