Editor's Note

Dear readers,

We had such a great time creating our list of 25 Game-Changers Under 25 that we immediately started brainstorming what equally fun, frustrating, daunting, and exciting projects we could tackle next. And we came across a category that we’ve always covered at Mochi, but have never talked about as a group: the hottest Asian American men. To clarify, yes, we’ve considered eye candy factor here—but we’re also defining “hot” candidates as young up-and-comers, those who are finally getting their big break, and those who are making waves in whatever field they’re in, whether it’s sports, cooking, acting, or politics.

Once we decided to make our list of 25 Hottest Asian American Men Worth Watching, we knew we also had a theme for our issue: the Men’s issue. Generally speaking, Mochi has always been geared toward a female audience, despite the fact that, like many other women-focused publications, much of what we cover—including book recommendations, college advice, and health tips—are unisex. So we hope that this is an issue you’ll want to share with the guys in your life who aren’t already Mochi fans.

Our cover guy, Eugene Lee Yang, BuzzFeed’s resident video savant, has tons of qualities that we admire in any modern Asian American guy. He’s tech-savvy, smart, fun, confident, and an all-around go-getter. We’ve also got in-depth features on actor Ross Butler and production company Wong Fu. Not that we’re ignoring the ladies, because it goes without saying that strong female role model are universally inspiring—from NBC journalist Amna Nawaz to Top Chef winner Mei Lin.

I’m incredibly proud of this issue that my hard-working staff has put together. I truly believe this is an issue that is emblematic of the future of Mochi, a publication has something for everyone. As always, shoot me a note at steph [at] mochimag [dot] com if there’s something you’d like to see in a future issue, or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

All-inclusively yours,