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There is a sort of chaos that one goes through before the joyous break from school and work: shopping for gifts. With this terrible economy and the bland type of products stores offer, it’s hard to pick out reasonably priced gifts that are perfect for your family and friends. But one way to get personalized and meaningful gifts for your loved ones is to make them yourself! Although there is a vast variety of projects you could make, here are some simple ideas to get you started.


Write about all the fun times you had with them, draw inane pictures that only they would understand, list inside jokes, write down playlists of music they should listen to – show what makes your relationship with that person special. This is a time-consuming project, so be willing to invest a few hours to make the best notebook possible.


Create unique playlists that fit their personality as well as your relationship with them. Personalize it further by decorating the CD and making an album cover. Create a funny or meaningful title to give it some extra flair.


It may be a simple idea, but it’s cute and very practical. Materials needed: cell phone charms’ string or keychain. Place to purchase: craft stores. Decorate with: beads, clay figurines, glitter, cardboard, and bits of everything else in between.


There is nothing like a homemade meal made from scratch. And who doesn’t love food? If you are in school, baked goods such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and seven-layer bars can all be great ideas for love-filled munchies. If you are too busy to cook, prepare a care package filled with their favorite store bought snacks such as candy, chips, and drinks.


Make a friendship bracelet or necklace from embroidery thread. This thread can be found at most craft stores and comes in a wide variety of colors for you to pick the perfect shade for anyone. If you don’t know how to make them, simple directions can be found online. So, rev up that search engine!


Keep them warm with mittens, scarves, or hats that you make with them in mind. If you’re not a knitting pro, try asking your mom or grandma. If you have no one to ask, don’t be afraid to explore the internet again! Go easy on yourself and try to stick with simple patterns. Also, you can knit during your downtime while waiting for the subway, reading your book at night, or listening to music.

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