netiger1Confession: I know I’m Chinese, but I could never see myself wearing a qipao, a traditional and well-known Chinese dress. I think it’s because I’ve seen too many cheap fetish versions for Halloween — aptly named “Sexy China Doll Costume” or something similar. Hm, no.
However, NE Tiger, a Chinese luxury label, presented its 2009 Haute Couture collection at China Fashion Week with traditional Chinese motifs and modernized silhouettes — a collection that could represent modern China itself with its eastern and western influences.

Of course, the traditional high-necked qipao is still evident in these designs, but in graceful and elegant frames that elicit national pride — nothing stereotypical as from Kung Fu movies (can you guess what my pet peeve is now?).

Modern silhouettes again, but with traditional floral patterns on silk. NE Tiger effortlessly proves that you can embrace modernity and still retain tradition — a lesson we could all learn.















Miss Couturable

Post reprinted with permission from Miss Couturable