Donald Trump’s victory left Americans, particularly those who identify with groups he attacked during his campaign, feeling uneasy. One way to cope with this nervous energy is to channel it into something productive to protect and support causes that will be affected in the coming years. If you’re looking for a way to contribute, here is a list of national non-profits that impact all aspects of Asian American lives. (Ed’s note: Mochi encourages readers to seek out local opportunities as well.)



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Certain ethnicities, such as the Hmong and Marshallese, experience high rates of poverty in their population. APIASF aims to make higher education for these groups attainable.

How to help: You can donate, create a scholarship program, or sponsor an event. APIASF also has volunteer opportunities, including reading applications and serving as a mentor. Click here for more information.



East West Players (EWP)

EWP provides opportunities and fosters the growth of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists with artwork and educational programs.

How to help: EWP can always use donations or volunteers for everything from administrative tasks to the production of events. Find more ways to help here.



Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW)

AAPI women are often doubly penalized by the intersection of stereotypes of gender and race. CAPAW provides development programs, conferences, seminars, and networking activities to support women’s growth.

How to help: Donate by visiting their site.


National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)

This organization seeks to promote the visibility of the AAPI LGBT community and educate others to challenge homophobia and racism.

How to help: You can donate by clicking here.



Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)

APALA is the first and only national organization of AAPI workers.

How to help: With Trump’s Secretary of Labor nominee Andy Puzder opposing higher minimum wage, worker organizations need more support than ever. You can donate, become a member, or take action in its campaigns. Find out how here.



Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF)

Despite AAPIs being the fastest-growing population in the U.S., many do not have access to high quality health care services. To combat that, APIAH works to achieve health equity services across the country.

How to help: Trump is looking to repeal the Affordable Care Act, meaning the situation could get worse. You can support APIAHF by donating here.


National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA)

Not only does NAAPIMHA raise awareness of mental health, which is often not talked about in the AAPI community, but it also supports policies relating to mental health such as equal rights, immigration, and healthcare reform.

How to help: You can donate or be a “friend” to show support.



Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

With the belief that everyone has a right to a healthy environment, APEN aims to bring environmental justice to all people with a focus on AAPI communities.

How to help: Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is an opponent of the agency, so you can help APEN by donatingvolunteering, or even interning.



Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund (AALDEF)

AALDEF uses the tools of litigation, advocacy, education, and organization to promote equal rights for all. The group tackles a number of different initiatives, such as housing and environmental justice or anti-Asian bias.

How to help: You can donate or volunteer with a legal background. Get more information here.


National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD)

CAPACD seeks to better the lives of low-income AAPIs with the tools and knowledge to achieve change.

How to help: Social support programs may be reduced under the incoming administration. To fight back, you can donate or become a member


Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIA Vote)

Election to election, the growing AAPI population has not translated to votes. APIA Vote raises awareness of the importance of civic duty and encourages AAPI participation.

How to help: Donate or volunteer. Opportunities include marketing, database and research, translators, and more listed here.

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