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We’ve seen Asian fashion and music trends continue to translate and grow in the United States over the past few years, and now Asian skincare products have started to dominate the beauty scene. As we last noted, BB creams and snail creams are hugely successful in Asia and now American cosmetic companies and skincare lines are working to develop similar products to fill the demand for them here. Growing up, I’ve tried several American cosmetic and skincare products, some of which have become part of my list of holy grail beauty products. Still, there was a lot of trial and error—trying different cleansers,moisturizers, and makeup foundations—to see whether they suited my skin type and tone. It was hard to find products that measured up to my expectations. Finally, I tried my hand at Asian beauty products and I suddenly realized what I had been missing! Zhen, founder and owner of, sells popular Korean skincare products internationally after she discovered how well Asian beauty products worked for her acne-prone skin. I got in touch with her about her blog and e-commerce site, and she was gracious enough to send me samples of some of her favorite products. There is no better time to give yourself a little makeover and overhaul some of your beauty products now that spring seems to be in full swing (it’s 70 degrees in New York!). Check some of the products I tried:


Jadilla J Original BB Cream

This BB cream comes in two shades and offers medium to full coverage but still looks very natural and gives a dewy look. At first, I thought it was a little too light and gray for my skin tone, but it oxidizes with the natural oils in my skin to create a more natural finish and glow. I’ve tried Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, and while I’m still a fan of the product, I’m liking Jadilla J Original BB cream more and more each day because the coverage is longer lasting. However, Jadilla J is a lot heavier so if you have oily skin, I recommend you stick with Missha. I also love that Jadilla J has built-in SPF and contains phytoncide, a tree extract which helps even skin tone.

Tony Moly Sweety Dual Lip Gloss

Lipsticks tend to dry my skin, so I love using lip tints and stains to give my lips a pop of color without drying them out. This God-sent dual lip gloss combines a lip tint on one end with a sheer lip gloss on the other end. The two colors and textures balance each other out beautifully. I’m surprised by how long-lasting the lip tint is because it stays vibrant throughout the day, and I only had to re-apply once after eating and drinking. I have tried other lip tints in the past, including Cover Girl’s Outlast Lip Stain and Liole’s Cherry Lip Tint, but this one seems to last the longest without drying my lips. The only downside to this product is the scent. It doesn’t smell as sweet or floral as other lip tints and glosses.

Baviphat Peach All-in-One Waterfall Cream

If you’re looking for a rich night cream to moisturize and repair your skin, Baviphat’s Peach All-in-One Waterfall Cream does that and more. At first, I was hesitant to try the product because all the product information was written in Korean, and there weren’t that many online reviews for it. But I had read in some beauty blogs that in addition to moisturizing your skin, it can also minimize pores, brighten your complexion, and whiten your skin for an even skin tone. After a week and half of using the products, I’ve seen some improvement in my skin tone and my pores. If you have oily to combination skin, I recommend applying only tiny dots of the product to your skin. It’s a very rich cream, and you don’t need a lot of it to soothe dry skin.

Baviphat Sweet Honey Lip Scrub

Other than their cheap drugstore prices, Baviphat’s other selling point is their cute packaging. This lip scrub comes in a lip gloss tube, so it makes application easy and convenient. Unlike other lip scrubs I’ve used in the past, the application of this lip scrub isn’t messy because you can control how much product you want to apply to your lips without getting your hands dirty. The sweet smell of the honey can be a little distracting, but it does the work of massaging and exfoliating your lips with its gentle micro beads.

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