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During the winter season, cracked lips and dry skin are two common outcomes of the harsh cold weather, indoor heaters, and even the lack of proper moisture from your body creams. Get your skin back to its pre-winter shape with the moisture it deserves with the help of lotion and creams made especially for the dry, cold season.
This time of the year, thicker balms and butters are in – they will last longer and act as a shield against freezing temperatures. You should also look for rich, natural ingredients, such as shea and coconut butter, but be wary of products like petroleum that may dry your skin out even more.
The top scents to hit the shelves include dreamy vanilla notes and warm woody scents. Think of a luscious soufflé over a blazing fire—this year is when mellow and earthy meets sugary sweet. Here are some of the most sumptuous creams on the market that will keep your skin soft, smooth, and smelling delicious.


Who doesn’t love the warm, fragrant aroma of cookies in the oven?  For that sweet, reminiscent smell of baked goods, make sure to pick up Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream from Bath and Body Works ($12.00)—now it’s possible to indulge without the risk of packing on extra calories. For something more refined, pure bliss is bottled in Vanilla Blanc Body Cream at Crabtree and Evelyn ($14.50), with creamy vanilla combined with a touch of fragrant jasmine. On the other side of the spectrum is Vanilla Noir Body Lotion ($12.00), the latest addition to the Bath and Body Works collection. This is a deeper, sultrier take on the classic scent, blending dark vanilla bean, black amber, and spices—perfect for that late night get-together.


The nostalgic, fragrant crackle of an open flame can now be yours in a bottle. Nothing is more comforting than the liquid warmth of these fireplace-inspired scents after a cold day of hitting the slopes. Many moisturizers have recreated the warmth of wood through the use of amber, so you get all the luxurious scent and feel of a fire without smelling like a log. For a straight up shot of amber in a tub, look for Warm Amber Body Butter from the Body Shop ($20.00)—thick, comforting, and oh-so-luxurious. If you’re looking for a more subtle, flowery version of the scent, try Sensual Amber Body Cream from Bath and Body Works ($12.00), which combines golden amber with lotus, plum and sandalwood.

And who needs a real fireplace with the fabulous wood diffusers on the market anyway? For that extra crackle for your room, diffusers simulate the scent of a fireplace without the hassle of the real thing. Try the Firewood ($26.00, Bath and Body Works), or Hearth ($34.50, Crabtree and Evelyn).

Keeping your skin soft and supple has never been easier. Simply get ready to say hello to freezing, drying weather without compromising your skin’s softness, all with a hint of this season’s smash scents!

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