web-promhair-4headerWith prom night just around the corner, we want to help you look your best. Read on for our do-it-yourself tips and tricks for great hair-dos and make up that will transform you into the ultimate prom queen without breaking the bank.


Our hair expert: Gina Salitore has over 15 years of hair styling, consulting, and education experience under her belt. She’s currently the Regional Technical Manager at Regis Corporation, one of the largest hair salon chains in the world.

Our hair guru, Gina, has come up with a few simple and easy hairstyles customized for prom. She believes that each hairstyle should complement the type of dress you decide to wear, so she has differentiated each hairstyle with dress type.



For backless dresses :

A simple low ponytail – This can be achieved by brushing hair smoothly with a brush with natural bristles.

  • Secure hair low in the nape area with a small hairband.
  • To conceal the band take a small piece of hair from underneath ponytail and wrap around band. This piece of hair can be secured by placing a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.

For strapless dresses:
A classy chignon or a low bun – Create the same simple low ponytail from above, then braid or twist the ponytail.

  • Secure the end with a small band, and then wrap the braid/twist around the base of the ponytail. This can be secured with a few bobby pins easily.

Some helpful tips for the chignon:

  • To create a fun texture with this look run your hand up the braid to loosen some strands, then wrap and secure.
  • To create a smooth look use a soft pomade such as Paul Mitchell Re-Works.

For any dress:
All knotted up – This may require assistance from a friend

  • Begin by separating hair into two sections either at the top or back, according to your preference.
  • Take each section in a hand and tie hair together just as you would tie your shoes, you can continue to do this several times until you run out of hair.
  • When you run out of hair, place a small band around your ends.
  • You can now secure hair with one or two bobby pins by securing the bottom where the small band is to anywhere near the base of the knots.

Mochi suggests trying these out before the big day to see which style you prefer. Let us know if you have other tips or tricks to share with other readers!

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