I have collected a lot of jewelry over the years—mostly from antique stores, friends and family. Some of it is pretty tacky (because who really needs a sparkly, silver flip-flop charm dangling from her neck?? Thanks, middle school), and lately, I have just wanted to donate most of it and start anew. I want a chance to figure out what my style is.

Enter JewelMint, a new jewelry line that is the brainchild of actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter. Here’s how the process works: Visit and take a Style Quiz, which asks you to describe your personal style and to pick celeb styles you like best. Then, like a dating website, JewelMint matches you with jewelry it deems most compatible with your quiz results. The jewelry, which is designed by Bosworth and Coulter, is added to your showroom. If you sign up for a JewelMint membership for $29.99 per month, you’ll receive a new item every month that works with your wardrobe.

It’s a fresh and interesting take on acquiring jewelry, and it all happens online with free shipping (score!). I took the style quiz—I said my fashion personality was “trendy” and “sophisticated” and that I liked to read Nylon, Elle and Vogue magazines. The site matched me with a variety of colorful bangles and a bright dahlia blossom ring. JewelMint was gracious enough to send me a couple pieces of choice for review, so I chose the Scarab ring and Bossa Nova hoop earrings. I was a big fan of the ring; it’s funky and looks retro with its ancient Egyptian flair (which appeals to the anthropology major in me). The hoops were a nice, medium size and threaded with shiny dark blue, yellow and turquoise. The pieces were well-made and fashionable without being overly flashy.

I was super happy with these new additions to my jewelry box, and although I’m not ready to become a full-time member just yet (read: poor postgrad), I recommend purchasing pieces for yourself and friends if you’ve got the cash! Because an outfit is just an outfit until you spice it up with a piece of jewelry that’s special—and that really meshes with your style.

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