Wet n Wild is one of those secret gems that everyone forgets about once they see the sparkling displays of Sephora and Mac. And while they do fall short on some products (there is just no way a $3 mascara could work, in any world), they also have produced some great products as well. I have always been a fan of their eyeshadows, but Wet n Wild recently revamped their entire line of powder eyeshadows and of course I had to snatch one up to check it out.
The new Color Icon eyeshadows still come in singles ($2), trios ($3), and now palettes of six ($5). Each palette comes with three matte colors and three shimmer colors. There are currently four palettes out: Greed (beiges, pinks and grays), Pride (blues and greens), Vanity (bronzes and browns), and the one I bought, Lust (purples and grays).

The shadows in the Lust palette are organized by lightest on top to darkest on bottom, with the matte shadows on the left and the shimmer shadows on the right. Of the matte colors, there is a light beige-ish pinkish color, a medium grape color, and a dark purple (almost black). For the shimmer shadows, there is a light golden beige, a gunmetal silver, and a black with purple shimmer. The pigmentation with these shadows is just amazing, especially with the darker shadows. These shadows have the smooth feel of department store brands—but just make sure to ditch the provided sponges and use a proper eyeshadow brush instead. The back of the palette instructs you to use three shadows to create simple smoky eyes—lid, crease, highlight—but never specifies which of the six shadows to use. You can do an all matte or all shimmer smoky eye, but my favorite is to mix and match. Use the shimmery gray over the lid, fill out the outer half of the lid with the matte purple, then use the shimmery black to darken the crease, and finish with the shimmery beige as a highlight.

My favorite of the palette is the gunmetal silver color. It’s dark enough to be dramatic without being too intense, and goes well with purples, blacks, blues, or even looks great by itself.

At only $5 a pop, these palettes are well worth a shot. I may even begin collecting them.

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