THE selfish ISSUE

summer 2016


Editor's Note

“Selfish” is often used as a dirty word—depending on the situation, it can be accusatory, guilt inducing, and even hurtful. But we at Mochi think it’s time to reclaim the word “selfish.” At a recent Beyoncé concert, the pop star (who talked openly about her marital issues in her latest album) proclaimed that she was taking time to focus on the most important relationship in a woman’s life—the one with herself—before launching into her hit song “Me, Myself, and I.”

I truly believe it’s important to be selfish from time to time. In fact, I look forward to the day when all of our so-called guilty pleasures are openly celebrated as things we do to take care of ourselves, mentally and psychically. Mine happens to be binge-watching TV in bed while playing Candy Crush—this is an incredibly effective way for me to turn my brain off—and I’ve asked the staff to share their own not-so-guilty things they do for themselves.

Aside from mental recalibration, selfishness can also be important in relationships. I often find myself giving things away—my emotional energy, my expertise, and my time. These are all wonderful things to share with your loved ones, but I’ll admit that I sometimes forget to save some for myself. It may not seem logical, but sometimes the best relationships thrive (whether it’s between parent and child, significant others, or friends) when you reprioritize yourself. I love one of the essays in this issue about why you can be selfish and also be a good daughter.

There’s a lot to dig into this time around—from a story on Dr. Ken star Krista Marie Yu to everything you need to know to get a good’s night sleep. So go ahead. Take some time during your lunch break, your weekend, or even your busy vacation to read about our celebration of selfishness. You’ll be glad you did it—for no one but yourself.

Selfishly yours,