Winter 2016


Editor's Note

Dear readers,

I’m writing this letter on New Year’s Eve, and I think we can all agree that this is the holiday where we all excitedly look to the future. Despite the clichéd-ness, there’s still something to be said about setting goals and resolutions for the next year. We’ve dubbed this issue our Future issue, as a look at the exciting possibilities ahead.

Cover stars Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier are very much 21st-century celebrities. Social media has played a large role in the story of the long lost twins—they first discovered each other over Facebook, formed a relationship over Skype, and finally, are sharing their story through a crowd-funded documentary. Our profile of the twins is an intriguing look at how digital tools have opened up the possibilities for storytelling.

Seasoned actor Daniel Wu has high hopes for the future of the TV and film industry, as he challenges stereotypes of the martial arts genre and pushes for opportunities for Asian male actors in his new AMC show, Into the Badlands. We could be close to voting the youngest-ever politician into Congress—24-year-old Lindy Li, who also happens to be Asian American (bonus!) and female (double bonus!). As Li tells us in her profile, that’s highly promising, especially in terms of what a young female perspective can bring to the political scene. And Sophia Chua Rubenfeld, daughter of ‘Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, is taking control of her own future. The Harvard graduate has launched Tiger Cub Tutoring with her cousin, to further spread her mom’s gospel of the importance of education.

When we think about what’s exciting in our personal lives, categories like technology, beauty, fashion, and food most immediately come to mind. That’s why we’ve rounded up the coolest (and wackiest) beauty trends, reviewed the best meal delivery services, and profiled Aella founder Eunice Cho—who’s taking her MBA and using it to design a professional (and comfortable) pair of pants you’ll want to wear every day. And if you see yourself at the forefront of these technological changes, there’s nothing more inspiring than guest writer Christina Li’s op-ed, on why the next Mark Zuckerberg should be a girl.

Making big plans for 2016 is one thing—keeping them is something entirely different. We hope that this issue not only inspires you to stick to your guns, but also, more importantly, shows you that in many ways our world is moving in a direction we can all be proud of.