Fall 2022

In the late ’60s, the slogan “The personal is political” came out of a second-wave feminist movement, presenting an alternative thought that politics is about one’s dignity and agency. As Asian Americans, we know this to be true, since even our identities are political.

Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i Leads with Intention and Humility

If celebrated Samoan activist Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i wins in November, she...


Eight New Children’s Books by Asian American Authors

Here are eight recent children's book releases that Mochi Mag has been reading,...


Asian Baiting: The Controversial Trend that Rocked TikTok

Asian baiting, or Asianfishing, describes a non-Asian person's attempt to...


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The Yappie is a nonpartisan publication fiscally sponsored by the Asian American Journalists Association and dedicated to tracking Asian American and Pacific Islander power, politics, and influence.

The Politics of Pretty

Being pretty has often been defined as having Eurocentric features, which many Asian Americans don't have. But it's time for us...


Navigating Parent Volunteer Groups as Families of Color

Parent volunteer groups, like Parent-Teacher Associations, are where parents get plugged into the social and volunteer lifeline...


Asian Americans For Abolition: Finding Our Place in the Movement

The abolition movement has gained momentum in recent years. Asian Americans are joining in the work to eliminate police and...


Why Asian American Activists are Fighting for Data Disaggregation

The umbrella term, Asian American, often perpetuates a stereotype that we're a monolith and model minority. Data disaggregation...


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