“Just because I’m not the white guy doesn’t mean I’m not the right guy”

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about the trend of Asian American couples resorting to in vitro fertilizations and abortions in order to have a son rather a daughter. My accompanying comment: “Where is the love for Asian girls?”

Soon afterward, I gained a new follower named whiteyonrice, (presumably because said follower searched ‘Asian girls’). As someone who happens to date a Caucasian, I was intrigued by the username and I checked out his site.

And that is how I happened upon, a new blog devoted to making fun of white male/Asian female couplings. The site pairs photos of these interracial couples with a snarky, derisive captions. The whole “white guys stealing our women” issue has been brought up many a time in various mediums: Videos have been made, songs written, but a full-fledged blog “covering traitorous Asian  American women?” That is a first. And frankly, I’m not sure whether to think the concept is pitiful, racist or flat-out genius and funny.

I recently caught up with the man behind the site, 25-year-old Johnny Chang* for an illuminating Q&A. A self-described “young urban professional,” the Korean American said he created the site after getting rejected too many times on the basis of race. Oh — and he’s still single, ready to mingle and wants to know if there are “any cute girls who don’t only date white dudes.”

How did you come up with this blog?

Basically, I don’t consider myself a militant Asian man, but I was getting tired of getting kicked to the curb by both women and the media because I’m an Asian man. I was tired of Asian girls simply telling me, “Sorry, I’m just not into Asian guys,” as if that were a valid position to take. I think there are a lot of reasons why Asian women prefer to date white dudes, but it’s not for any of the reasons they like to tell themselves.

I’m particularly sick and tired of hearing Asian women say that Asian men aren’t “masculine” enough or “just aren’t attractive.” I mean, come on, how freaking ignorant do you have to be to just cross out an entire race like that, particularly your own? So in sum, I wanted to make this blog so I could display some of the absurdities of the white man/Asian woman coupling and try to get people to think twice about these prevailing stereotypes.

Do you really think the Asian girl/white guy pairing is an actual calamity or do you think it’s just funny to make fun of the stereotype?

Both! It’s a huge calamity. It’s white man’s sexual warfare on my Asian maleness. And the results are usually gross, so it’s great to make fun of it too.

Why do you think the pairing is so prevalent?

If this seems harsh—don’t shoot the messenger. In a nutshell, the female Asian psyche is under siege by a variety of forces. She lives as a minority in a society and is subjected to cultural and social stereotypes.

First, just as an Asian: Asians are good at math, Asians are good at science, Asians are quiet—blah blah blah. Second, as an Asian woman: Asian women are either hot submissive playthings or hot kinky, bad-ass dominatrices (think Lucy Liu in Payback). Then when you combine your garden variety angst over being a minority with a white-dominated media, the result is a cultural belief that Asian men are namby pambies and should only be sought out during tax time.

Bottom line: The pairing is so prevalent because these girls have been CONDITIONED by society to like white men. And there will always be ugly white dudes who can’t get good-looking white women and think they won something by dating a somewhat-not-ugly Asian chick. Supply and demand, my friend.

How would you respond to someone who says this is just reverse racism?

I would tell them to get off my back. I mean, white dudes won. You have the better jobs, the education, the power and it’s always been that way. Always. It’s stupid to think the effects of this don’t trickle down to something as simple as “whitey on rice.” And if you think I’m being racist, then why don’t you try to think about some of the things I’m addressing rather than just blame me. I mean, come on, reverse racism? That is so like whitey to bitch and moan when the people he oppresses begin to whine about the oppression.

Who is your target audience – bitter Asian guys?

Well, yes. I think they connect the most with the material because, after all, I AM a bitter Asian guy. But really, I’d like everyone to see it, have a laugh and a think.

What has the response been to your site?

I’ve gotten some angry Asian women comments, saying that they “just happen” to date white dudes. I’ve also gotten a lot of support from Asian people (both men and women) who are just as frustrated as I am.

Where do you get the photos from?

I have a variety of sources, ranging from reader submissions, photos I take myself, celeb blogs, etc.

Can people submit photos?

For sure. Do you have any? If so, please send them to

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog, if anything?

I’d like to get a date. That’d be nice. Anybody out there?

So what’s your take, girls? Does Johnny have a point there or not so much?

*The blogger prefers to go by a pseudonym, Johnny Chang, to keep his personal interests separate from his professional life.

2 Replies to “New Blog Laments White Male/Asian Female Couplings”

  1. Tammy says:

    I know Asian girls who admittedly like white guys. I ALSO know Asian guys who date white girls, and I get the feeling that both camps get the same type of satisfaction out of it. I really don’t care who dates who as long as you’re not doing it out of some superiority complex (which I think a fair number do).

  2. Christina says:

    I don’t think the issue is worth a blog, honestly. But then again, it’s his blog. HIs to do whatever he wants with it. I just wouldn’t read it.

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