SAPLEver since the phenomenally successful Stuff White People Like website debuted in 2008, it was only a matter of time until other versions appeared. I present to you now: Stuff Asian People Like.
The website features a list of 124 (and growing) things Asian people like, updated daily. There are the expected (academics, rice), but the true genius of the site is stumbling across an entry about a cultural quirk you never noticed before and finding yourself yelling “That’s so true!”

For me, the moment happened while reading the posts about ‘free calendars’ (the only type allowed in my home) and pointing with the middle finger (“Dad! Stop!”).

Unlike Stuff White People Like, SAPL is a public project with a variety of contributors. The posts are usually thoughtful, personal and give honest cultural insight without shying away good or bad. The post about ‘being skinny’ discusses the harsh Asian weight standards, while ‘comparing people’ hits home for everyone with the misfortune of routinely being compared to the relative in the same age range.

And of course, there are the posts that make you laugh. Asian people like Jay Chou — need I say more?

Of course, any site with a racial undertone is treading a fine line, and the founders of the site are careful not to cross the line into prejudice, by saying that “our articles are from the writer’s experience, background research, and also affirmed by results from our bimonthly reader’s surveys.”

The section for ‘Busting the Stereotypes’ shows that this site really is dedicated to being positive, and there is a refreshing amount of diversity shown in the posts: Asians of all ethnicities contribute and are represented, unlike so many websites where the Chinese dominate.

There’s also a ‘Just for Laughs’ section, a place to make a submission and even a quiz to test just how Asian you are.

The founders say “our goal is to simply point out cultural and social truths over light-hearted humor in order to build up the Asian community and not tear down.” Stuff Asian People Like does a good job of discussing all aspects of Asian culture and it gives us a laugh while doing it.

Photo courtesy of Stuff Asian People Like

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