FALL 2013


Editor's Note

Dear readers,

As a kid, I dreamed of being a ballerina, despite never having taken a single class. When I was a bit older, I dreamed of being a teacher. And as a teen, I dreamed of simply being famous. “What will you be famous for?” my dad asked. My response: “I don’t know, just being me!”

Our newest issue celebrates hopes, dreams, and aspirations and those who are, to some extent, living their dreams already at a young age. Cover girl Michelle Phan had no idea of the power of YouTube when she started uploading makeup tutorials—she’s now a global Lancôme spokesperson and has just launched a brand of her own. Director Evan Jackson Leong heard of Jeremy Lin before he was an international sensation, and convinced the athlete to allow him to make a documentary about his life. Little did Leong know that Linsanity would take over the world that fateful day when Lin was plucked off the Knicks bench to score a whopping 25 points to defeat the Nets. And pianist Rie Tsuji knew she wasn’t a typical classical piano pianist, but it wasn’t until she followed her dreams that she scored an audition with Beyoncé. She’s now accompanying the pop queen on tours and playing solos for sold-out stadiums.

Fall is naturally a time to think about change and what’s new—so aside from inspiring you a bit, we hope to provide some useful advice that will take you through the rest of the year—our best new flirting tips, fun fashion trends, and breakout beauty brands. After all, dreams manifest themselves in all types of ways—maybe you just want that extra confidence boost to catch a certain someone’s eye, or fashion tips to make you feel great about yourself in an important meeting.

As for me, I’m following my dreams too—aside from publishing great new content for amazing Mochi readers, I’m also working on a book that will be published next fall about roommates. I’m looking to interview people for all types of roommate stories—funny ones, crazy ones, moving ones—in situations like summer camp, college, post-grad, and more. If you’re interested in being included in the book, I’d love to hear yours, and all details will be kept anonymous. Read more about it here.

Go on—get a head start on those dreams and, if you can help me with mine, drop me a line.