I have a confession to make: I always joke with my friends that I love Korea for its gorgeous pop stars and incredibly cheesy television dramas, but ever since I was a wee little one, I’ve been fascinated by the traditional Korean dress — the hanbok. I relished school trips to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco because they have a hanbok exhibit — silky, marvelous garbs adorned with precious jewels and gold embroidery.

Not surprisingly, I immediately fell in love with Lee Young Hee’s designs the moment my eyes passed upon her iGoogle theme. Her renowned designs have been showcased throughout the world, including New York City, Paris and Seoul — and for good reason, as they are so much more than trendy east-west fusion.






Her designs, which range from traditional hanboks to white wedding dresses, combine eastern formality with classical sensuality. Tradition is never subordinate to modernity with her work — instead, the garbs of the past collide with the present in a melting harmony of jewel tones and craftsmanship.

Miss Couturable

Photo (top) courtesy of Lee Young Hee; photo (bottom) courtesy of Lee Young Hee’s iGoogle Artist Theme

Post reprinted with permission from Miss Couturable

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