Editor's Note

Dear readers,

Summer has always signified two things to me: freedom and opportunity. Warmer weather and long days (not to mention no school) means more time to spend outdoors—and to explore and try things you might not on a tight schedule. It’s with this sentiment in mind that we’ve put together our Adventure issue, celebrating those who have taken risks, embraced life, and inspired us to do the same.

As long as I can remember, summer has always signified camp, internships, and family vacations. But in between, there’s time for picnics, barbecues, and catching up on reading for pleasure, which there’s plenty of in this issue. Actress Jessika Van talks about how she took Hollywood by storm after falling in love with acting during a college class. Indonesian singer Agnez Mo takes over American airwaves with help from Timbaland. And we spotlight entrepreneurs who have made career paths for themselves, from fashion blogger Peter Adrian to chocolatier Lucia Liu, whose chocolate combinations—from milk tea truffles to spiced chai—make my mouth water.

We could all use a fun, snippy read now and then, from seven reasons to stay single to nine surprising items—both cult favorites and everyday essentials—that originated in Asia. With all this talk of adventure, I reserve absolutely no judgment for those who just want to spend a few days binge watching TV at home, whether it’s Netflix’s “House of Cards” or the Korean drama “My Love From the Star.” Just be sure to read this piece afterward, a fascinating look at how pop culture seeps into our lives. Could TV relationships be ruining ours, or are we emotionally stronger than we think? It’s yet another path worth exploring.

Adventurously yours,