An online magazine, Mochi is a destination for Asian American women to share their stories, experiences, and passions. Our mission is to amplify Asian voices and support the growth and inclusion of Asian American women.

Mochi was founded by Maggie Hsu, Stephanie Wu, and Sandra Sohn.

Logo design & branding by Colleen Ly and Alyssa de la Rosa.

Our History

Founded in 2008, Mochi was created for and by Asian American women. The inspiration behind Mochi was to provide a community for Asian American teenage girls to access sisterly advice and gain self-esteem.

Since then, we have evolved into a publication that generates content for readers of all different ages. Through a weekly publication cycle, we cover entertainment, career, politics, health, college, beauty, and other lifestyle categories.

We are proud to be the oldest digital publication dedicated to Asian American women.

Behind our name

Named after the chewy dessert originating from Asia that has had the remarkable fortune of bringing Asian culture to the West, our magazine follows a similar spirit, by disseminating Asian American narratives for further understanding and celebration of our identity.