Sarah Spitz

Mochi Magazine Staff on Why It’s Important to Be Selfish

By Stephanie Tu

3 Tips for Picking the Best Photos for Your Dating Profile

By Stephanie S Lee
Kylesteed via Flickr

Guy Talk: Relationship Advice From the Male Perspective

By Stephanie S Lee

How to Navigate an Intercultural Relationship—and Parents Who May Not Be on Board

By Kelly Fong
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Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: Can True Love Be Found on a Dating App?

By Stephanie S Lee

Mochi Answers Your Pressing Questions on Love and Work

By Kelly Fong

You Did Not Come From the Stars (And That’s Okay): How To Love Both Korean Dramas And Your Significant Other

By Mina Sen
Photo credit: Joseph Lee

7 Reasons Why Being Single Rocks

By Stephanie S Lee

Life After ‘Gossip Girl’: Yin Chang on Tackling Bullying And Its Aftermath

By Yin Chang

Dear Mochi: Taking Sides in a Breakup and Early Career Struggles

By Mochi Magazine

The Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

By Stephanie S Lee
Photo credit: Marietta Leung

Five Things You Should Know about Online Dating

By Xiaofei Jalette

Dear Mochi: Advice on Religion in Relationships and Dealing with a Friend’s Ex

By Mochi Magazine

Giving the Gift of Time: 5 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit and Do Good

By Nicole Chiang
Illustration by: Ubin Li

How to Flirt Like a Master in Three Easy Steps

By Stephanie S Lee
Photo Credit: Yinghai83 via Flickr

A Creative Girl’s Guide to the Weekend: 5 Fun Ideas Beyond Partying

By Katie Chang

Making the First Move: Four Girls Share Their Stories

By Stephanie S Lee
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Navigating Romance in the Workplace

By Xiaofei Jalette
Photo credit: Zaffwan via Flickr

Ask Mochi: Can I Develop Feelings for a Friend? How Do I Explain My Passion to My Parents?

By Mochi Magazine
* comingout Ubin Li

Three Perspectives On Coming Out in the 21st Century for Asian Americans

By Connie K. Ho
Being-alone_Illustration - Ubin Li (with credits)

Anti-Loner No Longer: Becoming Comfortable Spending Time Alone

By Nicole Chiang

Beat the Breakup: Mochi’s Take on Surviving the Five Stages of Becoming Single

By Stephanie S Lee
Photo Credit: Xiaofei Jalette

Mochi’s First Loves

By Sora Hwang

The Perks of Being Alone: Why You Should Spend Some Quality Me Time & Six Great Solo Activities

By Gina Chen
Alexa and Alan

What’s Your Relationship Style? Mochi Readers Speak Out

By Tiffany Hu
angry couple oops

Mochi Asks: What’s your biggest romance “oops” moment?

By Jasmine Ako

Mochi Asks: What’s Your Best Pick-Up Line?

By Stephanie S Lee

What College Guys Look for in a Significant Other

By Jasmine Ako

Mochi True Story: Moving Past Depression to Love Myself

By Susan Hirai
Courtesy Corie Howel

The Truth Behind 11 Big Myths Surrounding Sex

By Mochi Magazine

In Translation: Connecting with My Parents in a Different Culture

By Mochi Magazine
sex stigma

An Asian American Perspective: How to Address the Stigma Surrounding Sex

By Tiffany Ayuda
relationship abuse

Relationship Abuse: When Push Comes to Shove and Love Turns to Hurt

By Vivian Luu
relationship work college

How to Make a Relationship Work in College

By Jasmine Ako
Courtesy Chepe Nicoli, Flickr

How to Choose the Best Birth Control For You

By Tiffany Ayuda
couple hands

What You Need to Know About STIs and Getting Tested

By Tiffany Ayuda
diet salad

The Truth Behind Dieting—What Really Works

By Stephanie S Lee
couple sex

Defining “Safer Sex”

By Harold Li
sex talk

Let’s Talk About Sex

By Tiffany Ayuda

A Look at Korean Dramas and the Modern Relationship

By Esther Suh

An Overview: Your Guide to Safe Sex

By Mochi Magazine
couple checklist

Safe Sex Checklist

By Mochi Magazine
spice love

Add Some Spice to Your Love Life

By Tammy Ku
relationship abuse

Resources for Relationship Abuse

By Vivian Luu and Nicole Tai
safe sex

Resources: Where to Learn More About Safe Sex

By Christine Wei

Traditionally Speaking: Overcoming Open Sibling Favoritism

By Vivian Luu

How Facebook May Rekindle or Ruin Relationships

By Susan Hirai

What You Need To Know About Long-Distance Relationships

By Stephanie S Lee

Our Favorite Wallet-Friendly College Date Ideas

By Jasmine Ako

How I Survived College Dating Without the Walk of Shame

By Jackelyn Ho
affirmative action

How Affirmative Action Affects Asian Americans

By Tiffany Ayuda
by Jeffery Zhang for

Meet Chris, the New Mochi Boy

By Stephanie Wu

The Strange Species of Pet Owners

By Jennifer Kung
broken heart

How to Survive Any Breakup

By Diana To
going green

What My Asian Family Taught Me About Going Green

By Estelle Tran
summer lovin

Summer Lovin’ — What’s It Really About?

By Jackelyn Ho
decoding gifts

Decoding Gifts: The Real Meanings, Unwrapped

By Angie Cho
DIY Holiday Gifts

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gifts

By Eunice Roh

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Blog Posts on Relationships

asian meme

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate with Us High Expectations-Style

June 15 • by Zhi Bo Deng

Most of us have probably come across the High Expectations Asian Father meme— and most of us have laughed knowingly at the stereotype of the overbearing and unimpressed Asian parent. In a spin-off of this meme, you can even sign up for email or text reminders from High Expectations Asian Father at The Asian Dad…

Photo via Magic Liwanag

Let’s Get An Asian Named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year!

October 17 • by Mochi Magazine

Time is running out, but we’re pumped to see that there are THREE Asians in this year’s annual Cosmopolitan Bachelor Contest. It’s a huge honor for any good looking, well-rounded guy. Only one bachelor is picked to represent each state in the U.S. (plus D.C., and this year there are brothers in Montana). His photos…


Why Smart Women Get the Guy

April 3 • by Tiffany Ayuda

In a vibrant, diverse city like New York, you’d think that dating would be a lot easier. But for the Carrie Bradshaws, Bethenny Frankels, Ivanka Trumps, and Peggy Olsons of the world, strong, smart, independent women like them have always found dating a challenge; their sharp wit, business savvy, and confidence sometimes intimidated men. But are…


Asian American Teens Endure Most Bullying

December 6 • by Jasmine Ako

I was surprised to come across an article on a study conducted by the US Justice Department and Education Department which found that Asian American teens are the most bullied at American schools compared to members of other ethnic groups. Of the 6,500 students surveyed who were between the ages of 12 to 18, 54 percent…


The End Of Harry Potter and Cho Chang—Or Maybe Not?

July 18 • by Malia Griggs

I’m a Harry Potter nerd. How could I not be? You read those books and you feel like you’re the only one to ever read them—like JK Rowling is personally telling her story to you, and only you get it. I’m not a Muggle. Pssh—I’m secretly a Parseltongue-talking wizard in Muggle clothes. Be nice to me. Imagine my…


Mochi Needs Guys to Talk About Romantic ‘Oops!’ Moments

July 1 • by Jasmine Ako

Hey Mochi readers, Want a guy friend or relative featured in our magazine? For our upcoming summer issue, we are looking for submissions from Asian American guys on how they’ve dealt with romantic “oops” moments—from blunders on first dates to more serious slip-ups like how they’ve dealt with a breakup. Stories don’t necessarily have to…


Who Knew Facebook Could Be Good for You?

June 27 • by Stephanie S Lee

I’ve always been a proponent of Facebook and other social networking sites such as Myspace, LinkedIn and Twitter because I think they are a great tool to share your world with your friends and to learn from others.  A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that Internet use, specifically Facebook, is increasingly…


Does Having Sisters Make You a Happier Person?

November 4 • by Jennifer Kung

The New York Times recently delved into an interesting theory that adolescents who have sisters tend to be more optimistic, and happier people. Growing up with an older brother, I admit I have wished I had an older sister as well, since it seems like we would be able to relate more as girls. But…


Call for Submissions: What College Guys Look for in a Significant Other

October 29 • by Jasmine Ako

Hi Mochi readers, we are now welcoming submissions for our upcoming Relationships Issue (due out in December). We are looking for candid quotes from Asian American college guys on what they look for in a significant other—along with their name, age, college and a photo (preferably large, high quality photos). An example of what you…


Hot Topic: The Rising Popularity of Interracial Marriages

June 21 • by Katherine Chen

Interracial marriages used to be a taboo subject, but the changing cultural and ethnic landscape of the U.S. has enabled the rate of “mixed” marriages to rise in recent years. According to a study released by the Pew Research Center, the number of interracial marriages has doubled since 1980 and now constitutes 14.6 percent of all…