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Six Ways to Drastically Improve How Well You Sleep

By Sarah Spitz

The Secret Way I Made Working Out Way More Enjoyable

By Stephanie Tu

Real Women Speak Out: The Harsh Facts About Asian American Women and Cosmetic Surgery

By Michelle Cheng

Could Melatonin Be the Solution to Your Sleep Problems?

By Stephanie S Lee
PC- PeachDish. PeachDish-Beef Medallions Meal

What’s for Dinner? The Best Meal Delivery Kits For Every Personality

By Yi-Jin Yu
Photo credit: Haneburger via Flickr

Tea to the Rescue: What to Drink to Cure Stress, Pain, and More

By Jennifer Kim
Tattoo Part 2 Photo Credit Michela via Flickr

Think Before You Ink: A Guide to Caring for Your Tattoos

By Stephanie S Lee
Courtesy of Oh, How Civilized Blog

Decoding the Matcha Hype—and Where To Try It for Yourself

By Sarah Spitz
Courtesy of Adam

Think Before You Ink: Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

By Stephanie S Lee
bon bon 4

Making Sweets Stick: A Per Se-Trained Chocolatier Creates Addictive Bonbons

By Yi-Jin Yu
Mei Lin photo

What Does It Take to Become a Top Chef? Winner Mei Lin Tells All

By Yi-Jin Yu
Illustration by Ubin Li

Your Most Burning Birth Control Questions, Answered

By Stephanie S Lee
Photo credit: United Soybean Board via Flickr

10 Asian Super Foods And How To Add Them To Your Diet

By Tiffany Ayuda

How One Budding Pastry Lover Rose through NYC’s Restaurant Ranks

By Yi-Jin Yu
Cathy Erway Credit-Pete Lee

How One Food Lover Turned Her Blog Into a Book-Writing Career

By Jessica Yang

5 Common Cravings And Our Favorite Healthy Alternatives

By Sarah Spitz
ultimate workout flickr via eccampbell_header.jpg

Six Pop Star-Inspired Workouts for Every Part of Your Body

By Jennifer Chin

The 11 Best Gifts Under $40 for Food Lovers

By Yi-Jin Yu
Flickr via Natasia Causse

The Truth Behind the Paleo Diet—And Whether It’s Worth Trying

By Sarah Spitz
Photo credit: daniel_gies via Flickr

Three Ways to Completely Embrace Kimchi In Your Life

By Sarah Spitz

Celebrate Autumn With Mochi Staffers’ Easy Fall Recipes

By Mochi Magazine
gluten_free_flickrAndrea Nguyen2header

The Ultimate Guide to Going Gluten-Free

By Sarah Spitz

Would You Run Barefoot? Here’s How to Do It Right

By Stephanie S Lee

Mochi’s Favorite Food Blogs For Quick Kitchen Inspiration

By Yi-Jin Yu
Coney Island Beach

A New York City Weekend for Under $100

By Yi-Jin Yu

An 11-Minute Workout That Targets Every Muscle

By Tiffany Ayuda
pixabay via sarangib

Herbal Weight Loss Aid Garcinia Cambogia: Does It Really Work?

By Stephanie S Lee
Braised beef over romaine, grape tomatos, red cabbage

Testing The Sugar-Free Diet: Does It Work?

By Kelly Fong

Daphnie Yang’s Fitness Philosophy: Dance-Inspired Workouts and Indulging in Nutella

By Tiffany Ayuda

Sweet Spot: How Lucia Liu’s Milk Tea Chocolate Truffles Jumpstarted Her Business

By Yi-Jin Yu

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho has a Surprisingly New Happiest Place on Earth: Target

By Sora Hwang
vaping_ubin-li SW

Is Smoking E-Cigarettes Safer Than Real Cigarettes?

By Tiffany Ayuda
Illustration by Ubin Li

What Exactly Molly Is, Why It’s A Big Deal, and How To Stay Safe

By Stephanie S Lee

Finding Home Abroad: The Comforts of Indian Food in South Africa

By Bonnie He

Chef Daphne Cheng’s New York City Veggie Revolution

By Christine Wei

Lena Kwak Takes the Baking World by Storm with a Thomas Keller-Approved Gluten-Free Flour

By Yi-Jin Yu

Dermatologist Aegean Chan’s Skincare Advice for Asian American Women

By Aegean Chan

Spiced Pumpkin Bread & Cream Cheese Glaze with Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flour

By Yi-Jin Yu
Illustration by Jenny Yu

DIY Remedies For Dealing With Migraines

By Stephanie S Lee
Photo credit: Tanjila Ahmed via Flickr

Can Smoking Pot Cause Vomiting? A Very Real Syndrome Few People Have Heard Of

By Stephanie S Lee
Charlene Portrait Horizontal w Gaiwan

Charlene Wang: Providing Women A Second Chance Through Tranquil Tuesdays Tea

By Maggie Hsu

Blind Determination: MasterChef’s Christine Ha on Overcoming Obstacles to Become a Cook

By Jessica Yang
brown white sugar stock photo

The Healthy Truth: Six Common Dietary Myths Debunked

By Stephanie S Lee

Chef Jen Lin-Liu Takes on Culture and Society Through Food and Cooking

By Jennifer Chin

Food Writer Amy Cao Finds Success in an Unpredictable World

By Nicole Chiang
How to Train for a Marathon Yifan He

Six Tips On Training for Your First Half Marathon

By Tiffany Ayuda
champagne supernova - fxr

All About Asian Glow—And the Dangerous Methods Used to Prevent It

By Stephanie S Lee

Five Study Break Exercises to Move Your Body and Stimulate Your Mind

By Connie K. Ho
Feast of Fiction

Two Bookworms Turn Literary Feasts Into Reality

By Sora Hwang
Photo Credit: Jo via Flickr

The Truth Behind Juicing: Is It Just a Fad?

By Tiffany Ayuda
Photo Credit: Edson Hong via Flickr

Seven Easy Health Resolutions for 2012 and Beyond

By Mochi Magazine

Five Dishes That Bring Good Luck for the Lunar New Year

By Kelly Fong

Recipes from Korean American Chef Debbie Lee

By Connie K. Ho

Demystifying Asian Cuisine with Korean American Chef Debbie Lee

By Connie K. Ho
Gretchen Current

Coming To Terms With My Non-“Asian” Body Type

By Gretchen Ho Powell

Dessert Chef Pichet Ong Balances the Sweet and Savory in Life

By Tammy Ku
body nutrients

Giving Your Body the Nutrients It Needs, All Month Long

By Stephanie S Lee

Mochi’s Guide to the Top Ten Asian Food Trucks

By Connie K. Ho
school lunch

Why School Lunches Are Much More Than Just a Health Issue

By Tiffany Ayuda

Can Yoga be Life-Changing?

By Stephanie S Lee

Actress Lynn Chen’s Advice on Getting Thicker (Dumpling) Skin

By Tiffany Ayuda
Photo by Creative Abubot via Flickr

Five Incredible Dishes Invented By Mistake

By Tammy Ku

Hookah vs. Cigarettes: Is There Such a Thing as a Safe Alternative?

By Stephanie S Lee

Eddie Huang: A New Kind of Chef

By Mochi Magazine

Restaurant Owner Jason Wang Feels the Heat at Xi’An Famous Foods

By Christine Wei
Photo Credit: Brandie Raasch

Get Fit With Your Fingertips

By Tiffany Ayuda
easy healthy recipes

Fast (And Healthy) Food, In 20 Minutes or Less

By Tammy Ku

Stay Fueled with These Seven Nutrition Tips For Student Athletes

By Nicole Tai

Boston Pastry Chef Joanne Chang Follows Her Sweet Tooth to “Flour”

By Stephanie S Lee
sushi foodie

The Making of a Foodie

By Tammy Ku
Courtesy Mandy Yeh

Exercise Q&A: Getting a Beach-Ready Body

By Jackelyn Ho

Your Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling

By Tiffany Ayuda
Photo by Mandy Yeh

Your Guide to Beating the “Freshman 15”

By Tiffany Ayuda

The Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse in College Campuses

By Tiffany Ayuda
delicious healthy

The Most Delicious (and Healthy!) Asian Dishes Mom Used to Make

By Christine Wei
Mandy Yeh for

Maximize Your Workout

By Angela Lee
Elaine Low for

From the Mochi Test Kitchen: Dorm-style Asian Food

By Elaine Low
Hazel Hyon for

Is the “Asian Diet” Inherently Healthier?

By Jennifer Kung
Mandy Yeh for

One Asian American Teen’s Experience With Anorexia

By Angela Chen
best foods tea

Eating With a Purpose: The Best Foods For Any Mood

By Angela Dong
organic produce

Save the Farmer, Save the World: How to Buy Organic Food

By Jessica J. Kim
solar cooking

This Summer’s BBQ Alternative: Solar Cooking

By Christine Wei

Gamers Get Off the Couch with Wii Fit

By Angela Lee
stressed snacks

Stressed Out? Try These Snacks to Calm You Down

By Angela Lee
winter workout

Winter Workout: Easy Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

By Jane Choi

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Blog Posts on Food & Health

Food & Health

Plate by Plate Brings Attention to LGBTQ Issues

November 21 • by Alice Tang

Project by Project’s 18th annual tasting benefit, Plate by Plate, was held in October. Tickets were $250, and proceeds of this event benefited National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA). I was invited by Plate by Plate to attend the event, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. There was a variety of…

Food & Health

Infographic: Reasons Why We Love Napping

April 21 • by Stephanie S Lee

April is known as Stress Awareness Month and now that it’s coming to an end, we’d like to make sure you stay stress-free for the rest of the year, or for life. Napping can be one of the best ways to recharge and energize for the remainder of the day. Just make sure you’re keeping…

Food & Health
Matchamisu(Green Tea Tiramisu) (1)

NYC’s Momoko Offers a Healthier Asian Twist to Your Favorite French Desserts

June 11 • by Tiffany Ayuda

If you could have the bold flavors of Asia meet the exquisite presentation of French treats, it would be at Momoko, a dessert and tea catering service based in New York City. With mouthwatering confections like Indian Summer, a tart made with Darjeeling ganache and chantilly cream nougatine, and Original Caramel Miso and Tokyo Wasabi…

Food & Health

Mochi How-To: Make Fresh Blueberry Jam

August 27 • by Sarah Spitz

I have gone apple picking every year since I was a child, but for the past couple of years, “pick your own” fruit has not been solely an autumn activity. The summer is also a great time to reap the benefits of fresh, local, and organic fruit. For pick-your-own farms near you, check here. It…

Food & Health

5 Easy Ways to Live a Happier Life

August 3 • by Sarah Spitz

Last year, I came across a TED Talk by Shawn Anchor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., in which he talks about “The Happy Secret to Better Work.” According to Anchor, if you change the lens through which you view your world, you can change your happiness. Through this approach, he says you can rewire…

Food & Health

An Update on Young Adult Use of E-Cigarettes

April 8 • by Stephanie S Lee

In a study published by JAMA Pediatrics, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, asked middle and high school students several questions about tobacco use, including whether they have tried cigarettes or e-cigarettes and if they had thought about quitting smoking. This is what they found: Current regular cigarette smokers were more likely than…

Food & Health
Photo:  Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar via Flickr

A Brilliant Teen Sells Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Marijuana Clinic

February 24 • by Tiffany Ayuda

The mouthwatering flavors of Girl Scout cookies aren’t a very hard sell, and the fact that the proceeds go to a great cause only sweeten the deal. I’ve had co-workers send mass emails about selling their daughter’s Girl Scout Cookies and friends who bring boxes of these addictive treats at parties, but outside of a…

Food & Health

Model Adrianne Ho Makes Healthy Look Chic

January 21 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Adrianne Ho, creator of Sweat the Style, is changing the face of fashion and activewear. The Canadian model has graced glossies and numerous beauty campaigns, including Maybelline, L’Oreal, and MAC Cosmetics. But you won’t catch this high-fashion model walking the streets of New York with Louboutins and a Celine bag. She’s paving the way for…

Food & Health
Cotton-Ball Diet

The Latest Weird Diet Fad: Cotton-balls

December 10 • by Stephanie S Lee

The Internet is filled with dietary misconceptions and here’s the latest one: The Cotton-Ball Diet. It’s not a new idea, but it’s been getting more press recently among teenagers because of increased Internet endorsement. New YouTube how-to videos have been popularizing this fad diet, which involves dipping cotton balls in juice or smoothies and then…

Food & Health

Eating Asian America: Going Beyond the Taste Buds

October 29 • by Stephanie Zhou

The latest hot model to grace the covers of NYU Press’s new book, Eating Asian America, isn’t Liu Wen but a sriracha bottle—curves, spice, and all. On Thursday, October 24, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU celebrated the launch of the new book, Eating Asian America, a food studies reader that delves deep into the consumption…