Soi Music TV Hopes To Help Asian Americans Discover Asia’s Top Hits

By Rachel Yang

Singer Rachael Yamagata Resists Labels In Both Music and Life

By Rachel Yang

Debut Novelist Sarah Kuhn Goes From Sidekick to ‘Heroine’

By Alexa Strabuk

Jessica Chen On Her Powerful New Dance Inspired By Social Media and Suicide

By Rachel Yang

Yul Kwon On Life After ‘Survivor’ and His Winning Strategy

By Jenn Lee Smith

From Newspaper Columnist to Novelist: Where Vanessa Hua Finds Inspiration

By Rachel Yang
Credit Shanna Fisher1

Dr. Ken Star Krista Marie Yu On How the Show Has Single-Handedly Changed Perceptions Of Race

By Sora Hwang
George Young, Photo Credit Joel LowSW

Mochi Obsession: Actor George Young, the Hot New Star of “Containment”

By Alexa Strabuk
Katana Promo Photo (Credit to Warner Brothers)

Young Superstar Karen Fukuhara Joins Suicide Squad with a Mission

By Alexa Strabuk
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A Look At Hollywood’s Obsession with Asian Remakes—And Why They’re Rarely Good

By Caroline Kim
Cartoon NetworkSW

Power Player: Actress Kristen Li Brings the Powerpuff Girls Back to Life

By Sora Hwang
Photo Apr 15, 12 20 54 PMSW

How Korean American Rock Band Run River North Is Challenging The Music Industry

By Brenna Wilcken

Is It Possible To Have a Successful Family-Run Startup? Headphone Company Axel Audio Is Making It Happen.

By Xiaofei Jalette
Sam&Anais at Zuma Beach

The Kickstarter Effect: How Crowd-Funding Allowed Two Long-Lost Sisters To Share Their Reunion Story

By Catherine Zaw
PC- AMC into-the-badlands-season-1-cast-1200x707

With ‘Into the Badlands,’ Daniel Wu Reboots the Classic Martial Arts Genre

By Alexa Strabuk

Mochi’s 25 Hottest Asian American Men Worth Watching

By Mochi Magazine

BuzzFeed’s Eugene Lee Yang Plans To Change Hollywood, One Naked Video at a Time

By Stephanie S Lee

With a New Feature Film, Wong Fu Productions Enters a New Era

By Bonnie He

One to Watch: A Q&A With Actor Ross Butler

By Esther Cho

Mochi's 25 Game-Changers Under 25

By Mochi Magazine

Beyond the Music: Leehom Wang, an Ideal Cultural (and Political) Ambassador

By Tiffany Hu

f(x)’s Amber Liu Speaks Out on Her Fashion Sense and Solo Ventures

By Tiffany Hu

The Unexpected Path of Kelleen Chea, Miss National U.S. 2015

By Catherine Zaw
Photo credit: Kiu (shaylala)

Singer-Songwriter Wanting Qu Takes on North America

By Tiffany Yu
Photo credit: Joe Durkin

How One Tiny Gadget Changed Daniel Park’s Music

By Elaine Low

Behind the Tough-Guy Exterior: An Interview with Ktown Cowboys’ Peter Jae Kim

By Esther Cho

Kina Grannis on Why Dropping Her Record Label Was The Best Decision She’s Made

By Tiffany Ayuda

“Fresh Off The Boat” Producers on Their Long-Awaited Show and What Viewers Can Expect

By Esther Cho
Diana_PR1 - Danaea Li_header2

Diana Bang, Star of The Interview, on Her Controversial Role

By Esther Cho

13 Awkward Questions With Rapper Awkwafina

By Esther Cho

The Man Behind Ultra Rich Asian Girls Has Ambitious Goals—But Will Audiences See Past the Superficiality?

By Stephanie Zhou

12 Songs From Indie Artists Worth Adding to Your Holiday Playlist

By Esther Cho

From Ninja to Hiro: Big Hero 6 Star Ryan Potter On Becoming a Disney Sensation

By Sora Hwang

Litchfield Lessons: OITNB’s Kimiko Glenn On What She’s Learned From Brook Soso

By Christine Wei

The Maze Runner’s Ki Hong Lee Embraces the Maze of Hollywood

By Sora Hwang

How an Opera Background Led Actress Reshma Shetty to Royal Pains

By Stephanie S Lee
Dan Hat DONE SMALL_header

With a New Documentary and Album, Dan AKA Dan Redefines His Limits

By Eunice Son

Not So ‘Awkward:’ MTV Star Jessika Van Comes Into Her Own

By Catherine Zaw

Mochi Boy: Actor and Fashion Blogger Peter Adrian Sudarso

By Stephanie S Lee

With Help From Timbaland, Indonesian Pop Icon AGNEZ MO Arrives Stateside

By Tiffany Ayuda
Photo credit: ajay13 via Flickr

9 Products From Asia We Can’t Live Without

By Kelly Fong
Ms Scandal When In Rome maxi dress ($79.99) and Bali gold cuff chain bracelet($25.00)

Actress Katrina Law is the Newest Sharp Shooter on ‘Arrow’

By Elaine Low

Actress Arden Cho on ‘Teen Wolf,’ Being Bullied, and the Friend Zone

By Elaine Low

Singer-Songwriter Yen-J Is the Perfect Combination of Wang Leehom and Taylor Swift

By Stephanie S Lee

Maya Erskine, of Amazon’s ‘Betas’ TV Show, Challenges Hollywood’s Status Quo

By Catherine Zaw

Cole Horibe Takes On the Role of Bruce Lee In a Way That’s All His Own

By Tiffany Hu

‘Frozen’ Animator Clio Chiang Fulfills Her Disney Dream

By Sora Hwang

‘Ravenswood’ Star Nicole Anderson on the Challenges of Winning an Audience of Her Own

By Sora Hwang

Model Tao Okamoto Shines on the Big Screen in 'The Wolverine'

By Catherine Zaw

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Protégée Hollis Wong-Wear On Navigating a Music Career with Passion and Style

By Stephanie Zhou

How Death Shed New Light on “Riley Rewind” Actress Anna Akana’s Life

By Tiffany Yu

Author Kevin Kwan Delves into the Lives of Crazy Rich Asians

By Tiffany Ayuda
Photo credit: Marietta Leung

Director Evan Jackson Leong is Linsanity's Biggest Champion

By Malia Griggs
RIe Tsuji_Mari Nishimura1

Rie Tsuji on Conquering the Classical World and Touring with Beyoncé

By Sora Hwang
Photo credit: Melly Lee

Nicki Sun’s 5 Steps To A Successful YouTube Brand

By Nicki Sun
Wendy's Lookbook

Spotlight: Mochi’s Favorite Asian American YouTube Stars

By Xiaofei Jalette

The Ellen Diaries: Meet Ellen Wong, the Actress Behind Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Friend

By Stephanie Wu

Singer-Songwriter Khalil Fong Brings R&B To the Chinese Pop World

By Tiffany Hu
Photo Credit: The Coveteur

Spotlight: Mochi’s Top 8 Asian American Bloggers

By Tiffany Ayuda

From YouTube to Record Label: A Q&A With Rapper D-Pryde

By Esther Cho
SW * Jessica Yu by Darcy Hernley

Director Jessica Yu Paves The Way For Women in Filmmaking

By Nicole Chiang
Photo credit: Mai Truong

'The Bling Ring' Star Katie Chang is a Triple Threat: Young, Talented and Mature

By Tiffany Hu
Daniel Henney 1

More Than Just a Pretty Face: Actor Daniel Henney is Both Hot and Humble

By Tiffany Hu
Steve Byrne

'Sullivan & Son' Actor Steve Byrne on Making It Big on TV

By Connie K. Ho

Singer-Songwriter David Choi Keeps It Real with a “Just Do It” Mantra

By Tiffany Hu

Jane in Wonderland: YouTube Star Jane Lui On Overcoming Obstacles

By Tiffany Hu

Get to Know Chinese American Football Star Ed Wang, On and Off the Field

By Tiffany Ap
Flight 7500

Actress Jamie Chung on Her ‘Real World’ Past and Embracing Her Future

By Stephanie Wu
Photo Credit:

Understanding Linsanity: Why We’re Obsessed with This Underdog Story

By Winston Kung

Singer-Songwriter Clara Chung Ignores Barriers to Grow as an Artist

By Jasmine Ako
Photo Credit:

The Aziatix Trio Uses Their Individual Starpower to Create Something Much Bigger

By Stephanie S Lee

The Story Behind "Supah Ninjas," A TV Show with An Asian American Cast

By Connie K. Ho
Photo Credit:

Behind the Lens of The Jubilee Project’s Charity Videos

By Stephanie S Lee

Harold & Kumar: Unlikely Role Models For Best Friends Everywhere

By Stephanie Wu

Phil Yu Will Always Be an Angry Asian Man—and We Love Him for It

By Esther Suh
Photo Credit: Garrick Fujii

YouTube Star Joseph Vincent Captures Hearts Wherever He Goes

By Jasmine Ako
Photo Credit: Anna Park

The Reeducation of Audrey Magazine Editor Anna M. Park

By Tiffany Ayuda

For Tyson Mao, It Takes a Rubik’s Cube to Build a Community

By Connie K. Ho
Photo by: Cedric Bihr

Priscilla Ahn Celebrates the Gawky Girl

By Esther Suh

An Interview with Bestselling Writer Lisa See

By Jasmine Ako

The Ultimate 25 Under 25: Mochi’s List of Young Asian American Influencers

By Mochi Magazine
Photo Credit: Dove Shore Photography

Actress Kelsey Chow Keeps Her Eyes on The Prize

By Stephanie Wu

With ‘Green Hornet,’ Jay Chou Hopes to Take the World By Storm

By Stephanie Wu
Courtesy Wilfred Chan

The Far East Movement Has Started a Party We All Want to Be Invited to

By Wilfred Chan
Courtesy Penguin Group

Their Moms Are FOBs—And Now They’ve Published a Book About It

By Kirby Koo
Courtesy Aimee Lucas and Richard Che

Shaun Evaristo: Choreographer to the Stars

By Elaine Low

Janet Hsieh: Making a Difference Through Travel Television

By Tammy Ku
Courtesy Fresh Clean Media

Zee Avi: Channeling Boredom and Rebellion into Fame

By Angela Lee

K-Pop Fever and Its Asian American Victims

By Tracy Zhang

Lela Lee: The Original Angry Little Girl

By Stephanie S Lee

Director Jon Chu: The Master of Story Telling

By Stephanie Wu

Margaret Cho: The No-Holds-Barred Entertainer

By Vivian Luu

Top of Her Game: Golfer Michelle Wie is Ready to Make a Statement

By Stephanie Wu

No Fangs, No Claws: Meet Twilight’s Eric Yorkie

By Vivian Luu

Glee’s Harry Shum, Jr. is Much More Than Just “The Other Asian”

By Stephanie Wu
Photo by Rodney Ray

‘Lovely Bones’ Actress Nikki SooHoo on her Past, Present and Future

By Nicole Tai

Not Another Teen Star: Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

By Jackelyn Ho

‘SYTYCD’ star Karla Garcia on Her Future in Dance

By Diana To

Marié Digby: Charming Her Way to the Top of the Charts

By Stephanie Wu

Tim Be Told Tells It Like It Is

By Julie Leung

There's Something Special about Afterschoolspecial

By Erika Lam

A Series of Fortunate Events for Tania Gunadi

By Angela Lee

Eclectic Writer Tao Lin Shows Us ‘The Way’

By Julie Leung

James Kyson Lee: The Sidekick's Story

By Julie Leung

Meet Justin Nozuka

By Gaby Yo

The Ageless Romi Dames

By Angela Lee

The Che Way

By Diana To

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Female Lead Jing Tian is The Reason to Watch ‘The Great Wall’

February 18 • by Kathy Pham

As the largest-budgeted Chinese-Hollywood co-production to date, “The Great Wall” was released this Friday, February 17th. The movie reimagines the historical landmark as a highly weaponized fortress keeping out bloodthirsty monsters called the Tao Tei. Two prisoners from the West (played by Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal) discover the Nameless Order, an elite Chinese military…


These Are the Asian American Celebrities Who Have Condemned the #MuslimBan

February 2 • by Rachel Yang

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order which prompted widespread outrage and chaos that are still unfolding as we speak. The order will ban from the United States refugees for 120 days, Syrian refugees indefinitely, and for 90 days, citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Libya and Somalia. In the immediate aftermath,…


How Get Used To It Tackles Filipino American Culture and Dating

January 1 • by Sora Hwang

If you’ve been juggling questions about race, identity, and interracial dating, look no further. Josephine Leily and Melanie Anne Padernal’s web series Get Used To It may have your answers. Well, maybe not all of them. “Girl, if we had the answers to those questions, there would be world peace by now,” Padernal jokes while…


Positive Vibes from Kore’s “Unforgettable” Gala

December 18 • by Kathy Pham

Dressed to the nines, our beloved Hollywood stars floated down to the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, December 10 for Kore Asian Media’s “Unforgettable” Gala. In its 15th year, the celebration highlighted the work of Asian American Pacific Islander actors, musicians, directors, and other key players in entertainment. Jeannie Mai hosted the night with light-hearted jokes…


Asian American Entertainers Talk About Industry Change at the CAPE Gala

October 30 • by Kathy Pham

“Twenty five years ago, I used to joke that there were more space aliens than Asians [on the screen],” says Wenda Fong, one of three co-founders of the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE). But on Saturday October 22nd, Fong celebrated CAPE’s 25th anniversary gala with a full house of actors, producers and digital…

HBO APAV banner

HBO’s First-Ever APA Film Competition Aims To Highlight Diverse Voices

September 5 • by Rachel Yang

In recent years, many have been calling for more diversity in the entertainment world, and with the launch of this competition, HBO is helping to make that goal a reality. The company just announced its first-ever Asian Pacific American Visionaries Short Film Competition to encourage APA directors and creators to share stories about their perspectives…


Web Series ‘Caring’ Highlights Working Women Who Reflect Reality

August 17 • by Rachel Yang

It’s rare for shows these days to feature working moms and women of color, and the web series Caring manages to do both. The show, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival this June, tells the story of two mothers, their nannies and how they all navigate taking care of themselves while watching out…


The Great Wall Controversy: What Does It Mean When Matt Damon Plays A Chinese Guy?

August 16 • by Rachel Yang

A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for an upcoming movie called “The Great Wall.” Seeing the name immediately brought me excitement. A movie about Chinese history for a Western audience? Cool! About 20 seconds into the trailer, this excitement turned to, What the actual hell is happening?? Last time I checked, Matt Damon…


Fuller House’s Ashley Liao is One To Watch

August 14 • by Rachel Yang

Fourteen-year-old actress Ashley Liao has had a pretty busy 2016, most notably as the recurring character Lola in Netflix’s Fuller House and as Audrey in an episode of Fresh Off the Boat. Not bad for a newcomer, whose first credited role was only in 2014. Liao sat down with Mochi Magazine to talk about being…

Joe Seo (David) in Andrew Ahn's SPA NIGHT

In Conversation: Spa Night’s Andrew Ahn and Joe Seo Talk Casting, Korean Rituals, and Parental Expectations

July 30 • by Mochi Magazine

By Melissa Kim, special to Mochi Magazine We sat down recently with Andrew Ahn, the writer and director of Spa Night, and Joe Seo, the film’s lead actor, at Village East Cinema in New York City during the 2016 Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF). The feature was the festival’s opening night film. Spa Night…