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The Story Behind Letters For Black Lives, A Movement That Became An Internet Sensation

By Camille Nguyen
Credit: Rep. Walters’ office for: Rep Walters Office

How One Woman Got President Obama to Pass A Bill for Sexual Assault Survivors

By Rosalie Chan

Mochi’s Guide to Voting: What to Know Before the 2016 Presidential Election

By Tenyia Lee

Miki Agrawal Wants to Break the Taboo Around Periods With Her New Company, Thinx

By Rosalie Chan

5 Easy Skills That Will Improve Any Resume

By Emily Outtarac
Kelsey Chan - Sutro Baths (full res)

Why Every “Good Asian Daughter” Should Also Be Selfish

By Stephanie S Lee
woman smiling in nature

Six Free Apps That Will Make Your College Life Easier

By Francesca Manto
Photo credit: David Shankbone

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld Embraces Her Legacy With a Tutoring Service Inspired By Her Tiger Mom

By Esther Suh

Meet Lindy Li, America’s Youngest Ever Congressional Candidate

By Rosalie Chan
Young woman using laptop in boardroom

Why The Next Mark Zuckerberg Should Be A Girl 

By Christina Li
Credit - Paul Werdel

A Life of Risk: How Foreign Correspondent Amna Nawaz Became a Champion for Asian American Issues

By Rosalie Chan

Why One Silicon Valley Designer Left Pinterest and Dropbox to Go Solo

By Michelle Cheng

Mochi Reads: Two Summer Books About the Struggle of Belonging

By Jessica Yang

Dear Mochi: How Do I Pick a Major, and Stay on Top of Current Events?

By Tiffany Yu

Mochi Book Club: Two Novelists Who Started Their Books While In School

By Jessica Yang
Image 11_1

A Leap of Faith: From Jetes to Journalism

By Michelle Cheng

Sexual Assault in the Asian American Community: What You Need to Know

By Kelly Fong
So many thoughts

These 15 Sexual Assault Resources Could Save Your Life—Or Someone Else’s

By Michelle Liu

Writer Mariko Tamaki Epitomizes the Teenage Experience in Her Comics

By Jessica Yang

Mochi Book Club: The Season’s Best Cookbooks to Give And Get

By Jessica Yang

How an English Major Found Her (Chinese American) Voice on Campus

By Carlina Duan

5 Steps That Will Make Financial Aid (Much) Less Intimidating

By Esther Cho
Roommates COVER_header

Love Or Detest Your Roommate? This Book Puts It All in Perspective

By Jessica Yang

Why I Volunteer: Six Young Women On Why Giving Back Matters

By Stephanie S Lee

Mochi Book Club: Murder Mysteries and A Fictional Look Into The World Of Dance

By Jessica Yang

Want a Career in the Tech Field? Here’s How 3 Women Did It

By Tiffany Hu
Connie Ho_seanfreese

Life Lessons: What Mochi Staffers Learned at Prom

By Sora Hwang

Mochi Book Club: New Reads (and Giveaways!) from Minae Mizumara and Jenny Han

By Jessica Yang

Mochi Book Club: Dystopian Fiction and Amy Tan’s Latest

By Jessica Yang
IMG_2536 copy

Eddo Kim, Founder of The Supply, on How Entrepreneurs Can Break the Status Quo

By Stephanie S Lee

Mochi Magazine's Advice Column: College Edition

By Mochi Magazine

Three Novels to Get Engrossed in This Fall

By Jessica Yang

Spice Up Your School Routine With Unexpected Extracurriculars

By Jennifer Chin
Ling and Vicky of ZaoZao

Youth Rising: The Top Asian American Fashion and Beauty Start-Ups

By Tiffany Ayuda
Screen Shot 2012-10-21 at 11.51.18 PM-1

Boxer Dara Shen Tackles Fear Head-On

By Tiffany Ayuda

Summer Reading: New Asian American Authors We Love

By Jessica Yang

Party Planner Jung Lee’s Tips on Throwing the Ultimate Brunch

By Nicole Chiang

Mochi Staffers Share Their Biggest Fears

By Sora Hwang
Courtesy Joe Sullivan via Flickr

The Shy Girl’s Guide to Finding Romance Abroad

By Mochi Magazine
Photo By: Brandie Raasch

What to Look For During a College Visit

By Mochi Magazine
Columbia Low Library George Hall

Going Behind The Ivy League Façade: Why Harvard Isn’t Always Best

By Cecilia N. Hong

From Snooze Button to iPhone App: How Entrepreneur Julia Hu Found Inspiration From Her Everyday Routine

By Sora Hwang

Meet Natalie Nakase: If Things Go Her Way, She’ll be the NBA’s First Female Coach

By Tiffany Hu

The Ice Skating Shibutani Siblings Share Their Olympic Dreams

By Sora Hwang

Entrepreneur Claudia Chan Creates a Women-Focused Community for Empowerment

By Tiffany Ayuda
Tiff H (robin choi)

When Mochi Staffers Knew They Made It

By Sora Hwang
girl - bicouni

How I Learned to Love College By Rejecting the Model Minority Stereotype

By Esther Suh

Our Favorite Budding Asian American Politicians—And Why We Should Be More Like Them

By Connie K. Ho
At my first apartment in NY!

Part II: An Aspiring Journalist’s Quest for a Job

By Malia Griggs

Apps for As: Using Technology to Get the Grades You Want

By Jasmine Ako
Photo Credit: IAEA Imagebank via Flickr

Ten Tips For A Successful Summer Internship

By Connie K. Ho
Photo Credit: Asian Art Museum via Flickr

Mochi’s Guide To Getting the Job You Want

By Jasmine Ako

Part I: An Aspiring Journalist’s Move to New York

By Malia Griggs
career how to

Career How-To: Five Ways to Trail-Blaze at Any Age

By Jasmine Ako
college rejection

How I Survived Getting Rejected By My First-Choice College

By Kelly Fong

Everything You Need to Know About Studying Abroad in Beijing

By Jasmine Ako
Photo by Gabe Chmielewski via Flickr

Mochi Advice: Landing Your Dream Job

By Jasmine Ako
Photo Credit: Pooja Upadhyaya

Four Teen Entrepreneurs Changing the World One Innovation at a Time

By Jasmine Ako
Photo Credit: Mandy Yeh

The Key to Acing Your College Classes

By Jasmine Ako

Mochi Goals: Before We Turn 25

By Mochi Magazine

College Majors 101: How to Choose the Right Major for You

By Jasmine Ako

Jennifer 8. Lee: Changing the Face of Journalism

By Tammy Ku

Evan Low: The Nation’s Youngest Asian American Mayor

By Christine Wei

Jerry Yang: The Ultimate Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

By Tammy Hui
Courtesy Esther Suh

How a Five-Year-Old Inspired My Career in Community Service

By Esther Suh
study abroad

Studying Abroad? Consider Asia.

By Nicole Tai

Top 10 Schools With the Best APA Programs

By Jasmine Ako

Ten Tips to Ace Any College Interview

By Angie Cho / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How I Broke Free of the Asian Stereotype in College

By Esther Suh / CC BY 2.0

Asian Clubs Link Students Across the Nation

By Victoria Yee
Courtesy Bev Lloyd-Roberts/SXC

Use Social Media to Get an Internship

By Tiffany Ayuda
Courtesy Liz Evans/SXC

From Dorm to Home Sweet Home

By Alicia Ritchey
Courtesy Piotr Lewandowski/SXC

Mochi’s Top Seven Scholarships for Asian Americans

By Jackelyn Ho
admissions myths

College Counselors Debunk Common Admissions Myths

By Noel Duan

Kudos to America’s Top 10 Green Colleges

By Jennifer Kung

How to Study Green: Top Eco-Friendly Scholarships

By Jennifer Kung
jobs save planet

Top 10 Jobs That Save the Planet

By Alice Hu

The Model Minority Myth

By Estelle Tran

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College & Career

34th Anniversary NYAWC Phoenix Awards Benefit Gala Celebrates New York Asian Women Center’s Evolution and Sheryl WuDunn

December 7 • by Alice Tang

The New York Asian Women’s Center (NYAWC) Phoenix Awards Benefit Gala, held Thursday, November 3, 2016, celebrated not only the organization’s own growth, but also famed author Sheryl Wudunn’s contributions to women worldwide. NYAWC is the largest Asian American focused organization that combats domestic violence in the country. For over 34 years, NYAWC has been…

College & Career

Michelle Phan Joins FLOTUS on Campaign for Girls’ Education

March 25 • by Stephanie S Lee

It’s not every day that a YouTube beauty vlogger gets invited on a trip with the First Lady. Then again, Michelle Phan isn’t your everyday beauty guru. With more than 7.2 million subscribers, Phan was in Japan this week to help spread the word about Michelle Obama’s latest campaign for women empowerment: increasing education for…


Gloria Steinem’s Former Assistant Starts A Soap Line With Empowering Messages of Hope

January 5 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Shiuan Butler, founder of SAVO Soap, a natural handmade soap company based in Brooklyn, New York, grew up following a green Chinese American household. She eats a whole foods-based diet and composts her trash. But when she moved to New York City eight years ago from Hawaii, little did she know that her lifestyle would…

College & Career

When Should You Quit Your Job? Anita Wing Lee Offers Clues

October 8 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and spiritual thinker, once said, “Start before you’re ready.” But how and where do you begin? Whether you’re a high school student contemplating your college career or a professional who feels uninspired with your work, Anita Wing Lee, founder of, formerly “The Passion Playbook,” says the trick to finding…

College & Career
world slum day

A Closer Look at World Slum Day

May 15 • by Stephanie S Lee

April 10 is usually just a normal date, but not this year. The Supply, a non-profit organization that brings secondary school education to children in urban slums, declared it World Slum Day. Based in New York City and founded by Korean American Eddo Kim, The Supply, in collaboration with more than 10 college campus chapters…

College & Career

Mochi Minis: What Bamboo Ceiling?

April 8 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Kevin Tsujihara became the first Asian American to spearhead a major Hollywood studio last year when he was named CEO of Warner Bros. Since then, Tsujihara has made bold moves and exercised diplomatic skills in the unprecedented role, persuading J.K. Rowling to expand the Harry Potter movie series and closing deals for the production of…

College & Career
Jane Hyun

Author Jane Hyun on Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling: Where Are We Now?

March 15 • by Tiffany Hu

To coincide with the launch of our Outspoken issue and in celebration of Women’s History Month, we leave you with advice from no other than Jane Hyun, a renowned executive leadership coach to Fortune 500 companies, MBA programs, and nonprofit organizations. If Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In didn’t strike you, Hyun’s Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling might…

College & Career
apartment search

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate and Apartment

February 11 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Living on your own is one of the most exciting things about being an adult, but finding the right roommate and apartment is no easy feat. On top of looking for an apartment in a safe neighborhood, in close proximity to a subway stop, without paying a broker’s fee, the search for a roommate whom…

College & Career
Business woman using a touch pad

A Scholarship Fund That Helps Asian Women Lean In

January 28 • by Tiffany Ayuda

With mostly men at the top of the financial industry’s hierarchy, it’s enough that women face unique challenges to climbing the corporate ladder. According to, only 14.6 percent of women hold executive positions at Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. in 2013, and Asian American women comprise an even smaller amount of that number….

College & Career

A Quick Guide to Asian American Student Conferences, Winter/Spring 2014

January 21 • by Elaine Low

Attention, college Mochi readers! Get your travel plans ready, because conference season is just around the corner. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the Asian American student conferences popping up this winter and spring: Feb. 8, 2014 APAAC, the Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference, takes place at UC Irvine in a few weeks, featuring…