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3 Face Masks for Your Summer Beauty Woes

August 18 • by Tiffany Ayuda

If you’re a low-maintenance girl who can’t be bothered with sticky masks and peel-off facials, you’ll love Nugg Beauty’s nuggets. These convenient single-serving capsules let you avoid waste while also traveling lighter. They’re formulated with natural oil dispersion technology that eliminates the need for using emulsifiers. In translation: you’re getting an effective product with less…

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5 Easy Ways to Live a Happier Life

August 3 • by Sarah Spitz

Last year, I came across a TED Talk by Shawn Anchor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., in which he talks about “The Happy Secret to Better Work.” According to Anchor, if you change the lens through which you view your world, you can change your happiness. Through this approach, he says you can rewire…

Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng

Mochi Book Club Giveaway: Celest Ng’s Everything I Never Told You

July 27 • by Jessica Yang

Celeste Ng’s debut novel Everything I Never Told You came out last month, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Ng grew up in Pittsburgh and Shaker Heights, Ohio, in a family of scientists. Everything I Never Told You was featured in our Adventure issue and thanks to its publisher, Penguin Books, we’re giving…


Mochi Book Club Giveaway: Mambo in Chinatown

July 8 • by Jessica Yang

Some of you may remember Jean Kwok’s Girl in Translation, a semi-autobiographical story that chronicles the cultural and societal struggles of an immigrant girl. Kwok’s second novel Mambo in Chinatown came out last week, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. It was one of the books featured in our Adventure issue and thanks…


The Unknown Yet Important Legacy of Yuri Kochiyama

June 30 • by Jessica Yang

In a 1965 Life image, a petite Asian woman wearing cat-eye glasses was photographed holding Malcolm X’s head moments after he was shot. The young Asian woman was Yuri Kochiyama, who passed away recently at the age of 93. Although Kochiyama was a long-time political activist, she had an idyllic upbringing in a largely Caucasian…


#WeNeedDiverseBooks Calls for Characters of Color

June 12 • by Jessica Yang

For a long time, most characters in fiction were white, except for the characters in cultural novels. Slowly, characters of color have found their ways into mainstream novels but it’s still not enough. According to a University of Wisconsin study from earlier this year, only 8 percent of children’s books are either written by writers…

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world slum day

A Closer Look at World Slum Day

May 15 • by Stephanie S Lee

April 10 is usually just a normal date, but not this year. The Supply, a non-profit organization that brings secondary school education to children in urban slums, declared it World Slum Day. Based in New York City and founded by Korean American Eddo Kim, The Supply, in collaboration with more than 10 college campus chapters…


Win a Copy of Jenny Han’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’

April 29 • by Jessica Yang

Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was just released and we couldn’t be more excited for it. It was one of the books featured in our Outspoken issue and we’re offering a copy for one lucky reader. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a young adult novel about Lara Jean,…


‘Alpha Girls’ Finale, Recapped

April 25 • by Esther Cho

Sadly, all good things must come to and end, including “Alpha Girls.” For those of you who missed it, here’s where we left off with each Alpha Girl: Tokimonsta Tokimonsta headlined a show at Webster Hall in New York City after returning from her trip to Seoul, Korea. Close friends Soo Joo, Dumbfoundead, Lewis, Rekstizzy,…


Sponsored Post: A Guide to Making Business Attire Look Good

April 22 • by Xiaofei Jalette

Finding the perfect suit isn’t all that easy. It took Samantha Shih some soul searching before she decided to take a leap of faith and build her own business, 9TAILORS, which provides custom tailored suits and dress shirts for clients in Boston and New York. We sat down with Shih for a Q&A to get tips…