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Are Asian American TV Roles Perpetuating Stereotypes?

November 26 • by Tiffany Ayuda

A recent New York Times article takes a close look at how TV’s leading ladies Lucy Liu and Maggie Q are changing the landscape for Asian American actresses. Liu plays…


4 Soothing Face Masks for Every Skin Type

November 25 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Whether you’re fighting dry, flaky skin, taming oiliness and preventing breakouts, or looking to brighten dullness and remove tiredness, these rejuvenating and healing sheet face masks will help solve your…


Catherine Ho Shows Why Pageants Are More Than Just a Beauty Contest

November 20 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Despite popular belief, beauty pageants aren’t always about the glamour, fame, and bikini bodies. For Catherine Ho, who was recently crowned Miss Asian Las Vegas, participating in a pageant meant…

Makeup Mondays

Makeup Monday: Charcoal-Infused Products and Punched-Up Ponytails

November 18 • by Nicole Chiang

In high school, I had a teacher who claimed that for all intents and purposes, the month was over after the 10th. It’s baffling to see that we’re well into…


How You Can Help the Philippines

November 13 • by Zhi Bo Deng

Typhoon Haiyan, a Category 5 storm known locally as Yolanda, hit the Philippines on Friday with winds from 195 to 235mph. In comparison, the LA Times has reported that Hurricane…

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Check Out SokoGlam at the Daily Candy Bazaar

November 3 • by Tiffany Ayuda

If you’re a beauty product junkie like me, you’ll appreciate the beauty behind Soko Glam, an NYC-based e-commerce dedicated to bringing the best and most affordable skincare and makeup products…


Meet YouTube Star of the Week: Jason Yang

• by Jessica Yang

Meet YouTube virtuoso Jason Yang, who went from studying International Relations at USC to following his passion for music and turning it into a career. Since then, he’s come a…

College & Career

Join Mochi Magazine for an East Coast College Campus Tour

November 1 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Mochi magazine co-founder Maggie Hsu will be discussing the process of founding a magazine and her overall journey as an entrepreneur. Hsu is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard…

College & Career

Sponsored Post: Apex for Youth’s Annual Casino Night Supports Underserved Asian American Children

October 30 • by Jessica Yang

Apex for Youth, a non-profit organization that strives to help underserved Asian and immigrant children from low income families in the New York City area, is having their 5th Annual…

Food & Health

Eating Asian America: Going Beyond the Taste Buds

October 29 • by Stephanie Zhou

The latest hot model to grace the covers of NYU Press’s new book, Eating Asian America, isn’t Liu Wen but a sriracha bottle—curves, spice, and all. On Thursday, October 24,…