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Makeup Mondays

Makeup Monday: Sandal-Ready Pedis and Bobbi Pin Tricks

April 7 • by Nicole Chiang

I’m super excited that the sun is coming out and the temperature is warming up. This week, I’m bookmarking ideas and tips that I can’t wait to try this season. How are you preparing for spring? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @MochiMag #MochiMM. Have a great week! Sandal Ready Feet…


A New Take on Rap: Spoken Word Poets Discuss the Model Minority Stereotype, Generational Divides, and More

April 1 • by Jessica Yang

How many times have you been asked “What kind of Asian are you”? I know that I’ve been asked it many times. For spoken word poet Alex Dang, it’s a source of annoyance and anger, as he acts out in a video that’s been spreading among the Asian American community. His performance, called “What Kind…


‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 5, Recapped

• by Esther Cho

Hey, Alpha Girls fans! We’re more than half way through the series! In this week’s episode, “Work Work Work,” we learned about all of the effort and hard work that it takes for the girls to be at the top of their game. Soo Joo went on day two of New York Fashion Week—after finishing…


Mochi Minis: America’s Next Top Model Films in Seoul and Japan’s New Origami Legend

March 29 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Our former cover girl Jamie Chung, who stars in JJ Abrams’ new NBC show Believe, talks to Refinery29 about how she transitioned to acting, the not-so-glamorous life of jetsetting, and her upcoming nuptials to How to Make It in America actor, Bryan Greenberg. Tyra Banks and the contestants of America’s Next Top Model will take…


Run River North Gives New Meaning to “Home”

March 24 • by Evelyn Kim

Run River North’s self-titled debut album appeals to a sense of belonging that most of us desire. In doing so, the California-based, Korean American folk-rock band artistically displays its ability to relate to our humanness. The definition of “home” is a central theme in all the songs, many of which were composed by Alex Hwang,…


‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 4, Recapped

• by Esther Cho

Read all of Mochi’s “Alpha Girls” recaps here! In episode four of “Alpha Girls,” we got to see the girls shine in each of their elements, but not without a little drama (and a couple of few celebrity cameos). Despite her fractured ankle, Soo Joo powered through casting calls, booked two fashion shows (Philosophy and…

A Birder's Guide to Everything

Actress Katie Chang on Her New Movie, A Birder’s Guide to Everything

March 20 • by Katie Chang

After spotting a member of an allegedly extinct species, 15-year-old David goes on a journey with his cohort of bird-watching pals to find this elusive duck in “A Birder’s Guide to Everything.” The coming-of-age indie comedy and Tribeca Film Festival favorite features Ben Kingsley and a cast of talented teens, including “The Bling Ring” star…

Photo: Alpha Girls

‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 3, Recapped

• by Esther Cho

Have you been keeping up with “Alpha Girls”? Episode Three, “Calm Before the Storm,” took us through the first of many challenges and sacrifices each girl experienced to survive in the professional world. Here’s the scoop: SooJoo’s fractured foot cost her a $35,000 job, Mina’s favorite rapper was Tyga but surprised her all-time idol with a gift,…

banana on head smiling

Julie Chen, Creator of the Banana Diaries, Peels Layers On Asian American Identity

March 19 • by Tiffany Ayuda

As Asian Americans, we all know it isn’t easy growing up in the middle of two cultures. One day you’ll feel completely at home, watching in awe at Beyonce perform at the Super Bowl with your friends, and the next day, you’re lost in translation, having a serious talk with your traditional parents about how…


Win a Mochi Book Club Book With Our True Novel Giveaway

March 17 • by Jessica Yang

Our most recent “Outspoken” spring issue launched this week and we couldn’t be more excited for it! To coincide with this launch, we are giving away the books featured in our spring Mochi Book Club. Our first giveaway is for A True Novel by Minae Mizumara, a Wuthering Heights retelling. Other Press, A True Novel’s…