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Photo: Alpha Girls

‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 3, Recapped

March 20 • by Esther Cho

Have you been keeping up with “Alpha Girls”? Episode Three, ”Calm Before the Storm,” took us through the first of many challenges and sacrifices each girl experienced to survive in the professional world. Here’s the scoop: SooJoo’s fractured foot cost her a $35,000 job, Mina’s favorite rapper was Tyga but surprised her all-time idol with a gift,…

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Julie Chen, Creator of the Banana Diaries, Peels Layers On Asian American Identity

March 19 • by Tiffany Ayuda

As Asian Americans, we all know it isn’t easy growing up in the middle of two cultures. One day you’ll feel completely at home, watching in awe at Beyonce perform at the Super Bowl with your friends, and the next day, you’re lost in translation, having a serious talk with your traditional parents about how…


Win a Mochi Book Club Book With Our True Novel Giveaway

March 17 • by Jessica Yang

Our most recent “Outspoken” spring issue launched this week and we couldn’t be more excited for it! To coincide with this launch, we are giving away the books featured in our spring Mochi Book Club. Our first giveaway is for A True Novel by Minae Mizumara, a Wuthering Heights retelling. Other Press, A True Novel’s…

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Jane Hyun

Author Jane Hyun on Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling: Where Are We Now?

March 15 • by Tiffany Hu

To coincide with the launch of our Outspoken issue and in celebration of Women’s History Month, we leave you with advice from no other than Jane Hyun, a renowned executive leadership coach to Fortune 500 companies, MBA programs, and nonprofit organizations. If Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In didn’t strike you, Hyun’s Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling might…


Mochi Minis: Selfies, Jeopardy, and Adorable Little Korean Kids Edition

March 14 • by Elaine Low

John Cho’s probably singing “First, let me take a selfie,” since he just booked a lead role in ABC’s new sitcom, “Selfie,” about a self-absorbed 20-something social media junkie who becomes the subject of a not-so-flattering viral video (our worst nightmare).  [Entertainment Weekly] In other TV news, Eddie Huang’s project “Fresh Off the Boat” (now…

Photo: Alpha Girls

‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 2, Recapped

March 7 • by Esther Cho

Missed the second episode of Alpha Girls on Wednesday? In Episode Two, we got a glimpse into everyday challenges that the girls face in their respective careers. So many of us have experienced a broken bone, a creative block, the discomfort of a new environment, or juggling personal with work—if not all of the above. Here we…


Mochi Minis: EGOTs, Book Apps, and American-Themed Parties

• by Elaine Low

This English teacher says she “wasn’t beautiful enough to live in South Korea” and being a size 8 made her feel “like a whale” there. [BuzzFeed] Speaking of living abroad, did you know that college kids in other countries throw American-themed parties? One of these soirees is called an AMERICAN PARTY (of course), and the…

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Celebrating Culture at the New York Times Travel Show

• by Audrey Deng

The New York Times Travel Show in New York City fed the wanderlustful appetite of all travelers. At the Javits Center, more than 250 countries coaxed potential travelers to different parts of the world. Stands were lined with free samples like bubble tea from Taiwan and biscuits from Greece. By the time I finished walking…


Korean Adoptee Dan Matthews Shares His Inspiring Story of Reuniting with His Twin Brother

March 5 • by Jessica Yang

Here is a story that will warm your heart: On March 6, ISATv, a YouTube channel dedicated to Asian American entertainment, will premiere musician aka Dan’s inspiring story of reuniting with his biological family and meeting his identical twin brother. Dan Matthews, also known as DanAKADAN, took a trip during the summer of 2013 to…


Insider Look: The Asia Fashion Collection at New York Fashion Week

March 4 • by Alice Zhu

The Asia Fashion Collection gives promising designers from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan the opportunity to make their runway debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo in October and at New York Fashion Week in February. These designers are chosen by the Korea Fashion Association, Taiwan Textile Federation, and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. February’s…