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New Far East Movement Album Announced

October 10 • by Jennifer Yamada

If you’re like me and wondering when Far East Movement will be releasing new songs, the wait is almost over! The Asian American music group says they are hoping to release their sophomore album early next year. Just last year, the group sold 162,000 copies of their debut album Free Wired, and their single “Like…


ISA LA Highlights Multicultural Talent

October 5 • by Connie K. Ho

It was the Ventura County Fair and Natalie Tran found herself in the middle of the mosh pit. All American Rejects was performing and, mid-performance, she found that she had lost her sweater. After searching around her waist, she glanced back at the stage and saw that her sweater had been thrown there. All of the sudden,…


Book Review: Girl in Translation

October 3 • by Kayda Norman

Jean Kwok’s debut novel, Girl in Translation, reminds readers of the hardships immigrants can face both financially and culturally when trying to adapt to a new country. Kwok’s semi-autobiographical story details the story of Kimberly Chang, a young girl from Hong Kong who moves with her mother to Brooklyn with an infantile grasp of English and…


Street Style: Color Me Plaid

September 30 • by Mochi Magazine

Name: Dinesh Penugonda
Spotted: MoMA, NYC
Hometown: Nanuet, NY
Occupation: District Manager for Abercrombie & Fitch


Event: The ‘Faces of Mochi’

September 27 • by Mochi Magazine

Thank you for joining us at Faces of Mochi! Intertrend Video Interview For event photos, please head to: Mochi’s Facebook Page Flickr Every day, we are inspired by the the leaders in our community and the ripple of changes they have made throughout society. You don’t need to be given the opportunity to change the…


Maggie Q’s Sexy ‘Nikita’ Premiere

• by Stephanie S Lee

It can be hard to get back into the rhythm of school, especially after a carefree summer, but what makes it so much easier for me are fall’s tv show premieres! Two of my favorites began last week, “Glee” and “Nikita.” I started following “Nikita” last year when I heard there was an Asian star…


YouTube Star of the Week: David Choi

September 23 • by Risa Garza

While the rest of the world was using YouTube to watch and upload funny or embarrassing life moments years ago, pioneering musicians like David Choi recognized the potential of online video-sharing to launch their careers. Virtually overnight, David’s video for the humorous “YouTube (A Love Song)” transformed him from little-known songwriter/producer to an Internet sensation….

nicola formichetti - mandy yeh

Nicola Formichetti + Uniqlo Present the Innovation Project

September 22 • by Mochi Magazine

Our photo editor Mandy had the opportunity to stop by Nicola’s last week, where Uniqlo and Nicola Formichetti presented their new line. Widely known as Lady Gaga’s stylist and the creative director of Mugler, Formichetti, who is half Italian and half Japanese and often called “Nico Panda” by friends and fans since he resembles an…


Beauty Tip of the Week: Fall Lip Trends

September 19 • by Tiffany Ayuda

I love autumn weather, especially when the crisp air and early sunsets signal change afoot. In many ways, the fall season is like the start of a new year, arming us with a different set of color schemes, clothing, and trends. A timeless look that never goes out of style is red lips. Throughout the…


Meet The Parents of Glee's ‘Other Asian,’ Mike Chang

• by Jennifer Yamada

As previously mentioned, Harry Shum Jr. is getting a bigger plot line in the new season of Glee, which premieres this Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm EST on FOX. Moreover, news has spread that viewers will be meeting his parents, and it was recently confirmed that Tamlyn Tomita, who you may recognize from the 1993…