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Asian Entertainers Featured In Teen Choice Awards

August 1 • by Stephanie Lee

If you haven’t been keeping up with news about the Teen Choice Awards, there’s still time to vote! Just for reference, I compiled a list of Asians nominated for a…


Wonder Girls' Newest American Venture

July 28 • by Stephanie Lee

Beloved female superstars the Wonder Girls will be appearing again in American entertainment in the near future. Later this year, they will begin filming for a TeenNick movie temporarily titled…


Are You Ready for 4-D Movies?

• by Stephanie Lee

I’ve never been a fan of 3-D because I wear glasses and putting glasses on top of glasses isn’t the most comfortable of situations. However, in South Korea, the more…


Recent Poll: Asian American Teens are Top Shoppers

July 27 • by Jasmine Ako

A recent poll showed that Asian American teens spend the most on fashion per month—an average of $150.97—compared to other ethnic groups. To compare, white teens spend an average of…

Fashion Marries Food and Fashion

• by Tiffany Ayuda

Food and fashion are two great loves of my life, but they don’t always go hand in hand. But Lauren Levinger and Michael King are starting a new trend combining…


Street Style: When L.A. Meets NYC

• by Mochi Magazine

Our editors in New York City are hitting the streets for some style inspiration. Check in with us every week to see the top looks we capture while out and…


‘Glee’s’ Mike Chang to Have Bigger Plot Line

July 26 • by Mochi Magazine

We love Harry. Not Potter (although him, too), but Harry Shum, Jr. How can we not? He’s “ab-ulous” (to quote “Glee”). And boy can dance. So, we were thrilled when…


Asian American Women in Politics Event

July 25 • by Jennifer Yamada

For Mochi readers interested in politics and living in Massachusetts, Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence (ASPIRE) is presenting an event through its speaker series called Making Waves: Journey &…


Incredible Korean Jewelry Makers in Brooklyn

July 24 • by Malia Griggs

This weekend, my parents visited, and I took them to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for a taste of, er, culture. We headed to Smorgasberg first, this nice (albeit hot) food festival along…


In the Kitchen With Marja Vongerichten

July 21 • by Tiffany Ayuda

They say behind every great man is a great woman, and for three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, his wife Marja is making quite a name for herself. Marja’s story is…