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MYX TV: The First Asian American Music Entertainment & Lifestyle Network

August 12 • by Mary Tam

I like to channel surf to look for new and interesting shows to watch. And often, as I am flipping through the channels, I wonder: When there will finally be a channel for Asian Americans? One day, I got my question answered when I came upon a channel called MYX-TV. You probably know MTV and…


A New Doctor in the House: Charlyne Yi

August 10 • by Jennifer Yamada

You may remember Charlyne Yi as the stoner girlfriend from the hilarious comedy “Knocked Up,” or her self-written indie documentary “Paper Heart,” where she goes on a quest for true love around the world, listening to people’s stories about how they found “the one.” You might have also seen her awkwardly weird YouTube videos (it’s…


Street Style: A Familiar Face Brings New Style

• by Mochi Magazine

Our editors in New York City are hitting the streets for some style inspiration. Check in with us every week to see the top looks we capture while out and about. Name: Jia-Jia Zhu Spotted: Union Square, NYC Hometown: Shanghai, China Occupation: Assistant Buyer in Advanced European Designer RTW at Saks Fifth Avenue


Vogue‘s 10-Year-Old Model Reveals the Effects of Sexualization

August 9 • by Tiffany Ayuda

French Vogue Enfants recently featured 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau in some controversial poses. In one picture, Blondeau was wearing leopard print heels, red nail polish, and ostentatious jewelry. In another photo, the child capitalizes the boho chic look, wearing a straw hat. Her hair is flowy and effortless. The look in her doe eyes…


YouTube Stars of the Week: Justin and Jeremy

• by Jennifer Yamada

It’s easy to spend hours in the black hole that is YouTube, watching video after video before you realize it’s way past your bedtime. Mochi is starting a new weekly series featuring the best of YouTube, in an effort to cull out some of the junk that’s online—and also to expose you to some of…


Hatsune Miku: Rise of the Vocaloid

August 8 • by Risa Garza

I love Hatsune Miku. My boyfriend actually introduced me to this wonder of technology and pop culture, and I was skeptical at first. According to Wikipedia, Miku “is a synthesizer voice application with a female persona,” which makes her sound extremely boring. But unboxed, Miku is so much more than that. She is a phenomenon in…

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Want It, Need It: Alexander Wang Ankle Boots

August 5 • by Jennifer Kung

What: Alexander Wang Noemi Ankle Boots Where to buy: or


Asian Americans Dominate Digital Media

August 4 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Asian Americans may have a long way to go when it comes to the big screen, but in the digital land of YouTube, where regular people—like you and me—are able to make a name for ourselves, Asian Americans are dominating the scene. From top beauty gurus like Michelle Phan, who was recently featured in our…


Top Chinese Models in Lane Crawford's Fall Ads

August 3 • by Jennifer Kung

Lane Crawford, a leading specialty store in Hong Kong and Beijing, featured all top Chinese models in their fall ad campaign. How ridiculously gorgeous do they all look with their bold, red lipstick, strong eyebrows and slicked back hair? This ad screams Asian power.


Street Style: A Class Act

• by Mochi Magazine

Our editors in New York City are hitting the streets for some style inspiration. Check in with us every week to see the top looks we capture while out and about. Name: Yeden Lee Spotted: Near K-Town Hometown: Seoul, Korea Occupation: Assistant at Hope to Glory