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Jeremy Lin Moves to Houston Rockets

December 15 • by Jasmine Ako

Asian American sports fans have been breathlessly watching as Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate and the first American player in the NBA of Chinese and Taiwanese descent, was recently traded from the Golden State Warriors to the Houston Rockets. Jeremy was waived by the Golden State Warriors on December 9, the first day of training camp…


Clara C: Shakin' off Silence Tour Recap

December 9 • by Stephanie S Lee

A month ago, I got the chance to attend the Boston stop of Clara C: Shakin’ off Silence tour.The event was hosted by Boston University’s Chinese Students (CSA) and Korean Students (KSA) Associations. The CSA, one of the largest cultural organizations at BU, hosted Takeout: Goodwill Benefit Concert last spring, which showcased Asian American talent from across the nation…


Asian American Teens Endure Most Bullying

December 6 • by Jasmine Ako

I was surprised to come across an article on a study conducted by the US Justice Department and Education Department which found that Asian American teens are the most bullied at American schools compared to members of other ethnic groups. Of the 6,500 students surveyed who were between the ages of 12 to 18, 54 percent…

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Mochi Event Recap: College Discussion with Chinese American Student Exposure (CASE)

November 23 • by Maggie Hsu

“Boys are insensitive!” Elisabeth Y., 15, declares. I met with a group of girls from Chinese American Student Exposure (CASE) to discuss the college admissions process, but the conversation started off slowly, with only one of the girls, Lu Z., a 17-year-old senior, having a plan: To go to college close to home and become…


CAPE Gala Celebrates Achievements in Entertainment

• by Connie K. Ho

It was a star-studded red carpet at the 20th Anniversary Gala of the Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) this past weekend. The awe-inspiring performances by groups, like The Legions of Extraordinary Dancers (otherwise known as LXD and seen on Hulu) captivated the audience, brought light to the advent of the digital age, and…


November is Unofficial ‘Go See Asian American Theater’ Month in LA

• by Connie K. Ho

November is possibly my favorite month, and now, there’s one more thing to make this month extra-special: With five Asian American theater productions opening this month in L., November has unofficially became “Asian American Theater Month.”


SPONSORED POST: Get Your Holiday Shopping Started at Folli Follie

November 16 • by Mochi Magazine

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s no doubt that you’ll soon be spending most of your days shopping for gifts. If you’re thinking of getting something extra special for someone this year, Folli Follie, a Greek manufacturing company for jewelry, watches, handbags, and other fashion accessories, will be hosting a preview of…


Celebrating the ‘Faces of Mochi’

November 9 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Though it’s been three years since Mochi magazine officially launched, the recent “Faces of Mochi” was our first social networking event, held for the release of our twelfth issue — aptly named the Pioneer issue. In many ways, Mochi is a pioneer in the magazine industry; little did our founders Stephanie Wu and Maggie Hsu…


New Talent at Vancouver Asian Film Festival

November 4 • by Jennifer Yamada

Coming up with a storyline for a movie is never easy, but sometimes the idea is right in front of you. Director Quentin Lee found inspiration from the 2005 murder of 19-year-old Simon Sek Man Ng, whose final blog post helped police solve his case.  Lee was so moved by the incident that he adapted Simon’s story into…

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New Surgery Could Change Brown Eyes to Blue

November 3 • by Malia Griggs

I read this article today about a Laguna Beach doctor who is close to finalizing a laser surgery that could permanently change brown eye color to blue. The laser is tuned to remove pigment from the surface of the iris, which reveals blue underneath. I’m already a little freaked out by a lot of eye-related…