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Creating Pepper’s ‘All-You’ Bra, a Bra that Finally Fits the Way It Should

April 23 • by Esther Cho

If you’ve constantly struggled to find a bra that fits, especially if you’re small-chested, this new company is for you. Pepper, a lingerie startup founded by Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd, is on a mission to tackle “awkward bra gaps and cups that never seem to fill,” claiming hashtags like #badbraproblems as their battle cry….


Daniel Wu on the ‘Epic’ New Season of ‘Into the Badlands’

March 21 • by Tiffany Hu

As an executive producer and lead actor of AMC’s “Into the Badlands,” Daniel Wu has much to say about the show’s latest season, which premiered on Sunday. “My concerns about story and storytelling, and character and character development, encompasses both sides,” Wu says. “As an actor, you’re hoping stuff gets better, but as a producer,…


Advertorial: I Love My Granny, But I Don’t Want Her Hands

February 22 • by Mochi Magazine

Four months after moving to sunny Colorado, I discovered sun damage on the backs of my 32-year-old hands. My hands looked like my granny’s. I prefer to avoid chemical sunscreen and it requires re-application. Unlike sunscreen, the right fabric can reliably protect you from more than 98 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. I…


Female Lead Jing Tian is The Reason to Watch ‘The Great Wall’

February 18 • by Kathy Pham

As the largest-budgeted Chinese-Hollywood co-production to date, “The Great Wall” was released this Friday, February 17th. The movie reimagines the historical landmark as a highly weaponized fortress keeping out bloodthirsty monsters called the Tao Tei. Two prisoners from the West (played by Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal) discover the Nameless Order, an elite Chinese military…


These Are the Asian American Celebrities Who Have Condemned the #MuslimBan

February 2 • by Rachel Yang

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order which prompted widespread outrage and chaos that are still unfolding as we speak. The order will ban from the United States refugees for 120 days, Syrian refugees indefinitely, and for 90 days, citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Libya and Somalia. In the immediate aftermath,…


Our 21-Day #ItCanWait Challenge: Lessons Learned

January 27 • by Mochi Magazine

Three weeks ago, Mochi Magazine staffers took on an important new year’s resolution – pledging to drive without smartphones or distractions for 21 consecutive days. We’ve made it to the finish line. In 21 days, we’ve had a lot of time to think about the way our actions affect us and those around us. According…


Snapshots From The Women’s March: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City

January 22 • by Elaine Low


Join Mochi Magazine in AT&T’s It Can Wait 21 Day Challenge

January 4 • by Mochi Magazine

As Asian American women, we experience our fair share of stereotypes, like how we’re all bad drivers. Combined with the widespread use of technology when driving, including smartphones, our reputations on the road haven’t exactly been given opportunity to improve. However, distracted driving affects all races and genders. The problem is that smartphones have become…


How Get Used To It Tackles Filipino American Culture and Dating

January 1 • by Sora Hwang

If you’ve been juggling questions about race, identity, and interracial dating, look no further. Josephine Leily and Melanie Anne Padernal’s web series Get Used To It may have your answers. Well, maybe not all of them. “Girl, if we had the answers to those questions, there would be world peace by now,” Padernal jokes while…


Positive Vibes from Kore’s “Unforgettable” Gala

December 18 • by Kathy Pham

Dressed to the nines, our beloved Hollywood stars floated down to the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, December 10 for Kore Asian Media’s “Unforgettable” Gala. In its 15th year, the celebration highlighted the work of Asian American Pacific Islander actors, musicians, directors, and other key players in entertainment. Jeannie Mai hosted the night with light-hearted jokes…