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Michelle Phan Joins FLOTUS on Campaign for Girls’ Education

March 25 • by Stephanie Lee

It’s not every day that a YouTube beauty vlogger gets invited on a trip with the First Lady. Then again, Michelle Phan isn’t your everyday beauty guru. With more than 7.2 million subscribers, Phan was in Japan this week to help spread the word about Michelle Obama’s latest campaign for women empowerment: increasing education for…


Fresh Off the Boat Episode 8 Recap: Not All Asians Are The Same

March 16 • by Leena Yue Yin

Fresh Off the Boat brings the issue of race back front and center with the introduction of a new character, Phillip Goldstein (Albert Tsai)—a Chinese child adopted by a Jewish couple. Though his parents aren’t Asian, Phillip is every Chinese parent’s dream: he studies obsessively, loves classical music, and plays the cello. It’s hard for…


Fresh Off the Boat Recap: The Show Hits Home With Laughs and Moving Moments

March 7 • by Leena Yue Yin

Episode 5: Fresh Off the Boat tackles one of the most controversial topics in media today: sexual harassment. Jessica Huang (Constance Wu) becomes the stir-crazy stay-at-home mother who sticks her nose into everybody’s business, while Eddie deals with his lack of popularity at school. In this episode, there’s no real focus on race—just hilarity as…


Fresh Off the Boat Episodes 3 & 4 Recap: Family Matters, Regardless of Race

February 20 • by Leena Yue Yin

Episodes 3 and 4 of Fresh Off the Boat offer a change of pace. Race is noticeably less touched upon than it was in the premiere, but there are still jokes. Stinky tofu is featured prominently in episode 3, “The Shunning,” where Jessica Huang (Constance Wu) makes it repeatedly for social gatherings, only to have…


Lara and Esther Veronin Celebrate the Lunar New Year With Xi’an Famous Foods

February 18 • by Tiffany Hu

This Saturday, Asian American stars from around the world—including MC Jin, Wanting Qu, Clara C, and Lara and Esther Veronin—will hit the stage in New York City at the first-ever Lunar New Year Festival concert. We recently caught up with Xi’an Famous Foods, who’s organized the concert, and joined Lara and Esther, who were on…


Mochi Interviews Asia’s Biggest Stars at the DramaFever Awards

February 10 • by Tiffany Hu

Last Thursday marked the third annual DramaFever Awards in New York City, where the best in international TV and film were celebrated and many of the hottest Asian and Asian American stars were in attendance.  Mochi had the opportunity to chat with many of these A-listers on the red carpet—many of whom had special messages for…


Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Mochi’s Take on the Game-Changing First Two Episodes

February 7 • by Leena Yue Yin

“You get a seat at the table. Then you get to change the rules.” Fresh Off the Boat’s Eddie Huang (played by Hudson Yang) meant these words quite literally. He was talking about the Abraham Lincoln Middle School cafeteria, where “a seat at the table” symbolizes acceptance by the white students of the school. Still,…


K-Pop Artist Eric Nam To Tour U.S.

January 29 • by Stephanie Lee

Korean American K-pop artist Eric Nam is coming to the U.S. next month for his first showcase tour in four cities, including New York City, Atlanta (where he was born and raised), Dallas, and Los Angeles. I first got to hear Nam when he was a guest performer and judge of Kollaboration Boston’s 2012 annual…


27 Best Art Basel Works From Asian and Asian American Artists

January 21 • by Esther Cho

Every year during the first weekend of December, the masses travel from all around the world to Miami for Art Basel—an eclectic mixture of art, culture, luxury, and parties. As each year passes, Basel continues to attract more and more crowds and has become more accessible to anyone whether you have an interest in art…


Gloria Steinem’s Former Assistant Starts A Soap Line With Empowering Messages of Hope

January 5 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Shiuan Butler, founder of SAVO Soap, a natural handmade soap company based in Brooklyn, New York, grew up following a green Chinese American household. She eats a whole foods-based diet and composts her trash. But when she moved to New York City eight years ago from Hawaii, little did she know that her lifestyle would…