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‘Alpha Girls,’ Episode 7, Recapped

April 13 • by Esther Cho

We’re down to the second-to-last episode of “Alpha Girls,” with the finale just around the corner! The stories of each alpha girl continue to unfold, with more exciting celebrity appearances,…

College & Career

Mochi Minis: What Bamboo Ceiling?

April 8 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Kevin Tsujihara became the first Asian American to spearhead a major Hollywood studio last year when he was named CEO of Warner Bros. Since then, Tsujihara has made bold moves…

Food & Health

An Update on Young Adult Use of E-Cigarettes

• by Stephanie Lee

In a study published by JAMA Pediatrics, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, asked middle and high school students several questions about tobacco use, including whether they have…


‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 6, Recapped

April 7 • by Esther Cho

For every beginning there is an end. We’re nearing the end with only two more episodes left of Alpha Girls. So let’s get to it! After her New York fitting…

Makeup Mondays

Makeup Monday: Sandal-Ready Pedis and Bobbi Pin Tricks

• by Nicole Chiang

I’m super excited that the sun is coming out and the temperature is warming up. This week, I’m bookmarking ideas and tips that I can’t wait to try this season….


A New Take on Rap: Spoken Word Poets Discuss the Model Minority Stereotype, Generational Divides, and More

April 1 • by Jessica Yang

How many times have you been asked “What kind of Asian are you”? I know that I’ve been asked it many times. For spoken word poet Alex Dang, it’s a…


‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 5, Recapped

• by Esther Cho

Hey, Alpha Girls fans! We’re more than half way through the series! In this week’s episode, “Work Work Work,” we learned about all of the effort and hard work that…


Mochi Minis: America’s Next Top Model Films in Seoul and Japan’s New Origami Legend

March 29 • by Tiffany Ayuda

Our former cover girl Jamie Chung, who stars in JJ Abrams’ new NBC show Believe, talks to Refinery29 about how she transitioned to acting, the not-so-glamorous life of jetsetting, and…


Run River North Gives New Meaning to “Home”

March 24 • by Evelyn Kim

Run River North’s self-titled debut album appeals to a sense of belonging that most of us desire. In doing so, the California-based, Korean American folk-rock band artistically displays its ability…


‘Alpha Girls’ Episode 4, Recapped

• by Esther Cho

Read all of Mochi’s “Alpha Girls” recaps here! In episode four of “Alpha Girls,” we got to see the girls shine in each of their elements, but not without a…