Sora Hwang is the managing editor of Mochi and a recent graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in journalism. She has worked in television production, media relations, and entertainment print and digital media. She is currently the assistant social media editor at Rolling Stone.

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How “Get Used To It” Tackles Filipino American Culture and Dating

January 1 • by Sora Hwang

If you’ve been juggling questions about race, identity, and interracial dating, look no further. Josephine Leily and Melanie Anne Padernal’s web series Get Used To It may have your answers. Well, maybe not all of them. “Girl, if we had the answers to those questions, there would be world peace by now,” Padernal jokes while…


Derek Hsu Wins Kollaboration Boston

October 25 • by Sora Hwang

Photos courtesy of Helen Fang.  The finalists and guest performers of Kollaboration Boston took over Berklee Performance Center on Oct. 11 for a night full of undeniable talent and heart. Guest performers included Ellen Kim, AJ Rafael, and Justin Chiou, last year’s winner of Kollaboration Boston—and the inspiration behind why this year’s winner, Derek Hsu,…


‘I’m Not Perfect’ Says ‘Voice’ Star Cheesa

September 5 • by Sora Hwang

When Cheesa, a 22-year-old singer from Hawaii, was 15, she and her brother convinced their parents to uproot the family and move to California as their duet-performing act gained popularity. Though their parents were reluctant to move because they wanted the siblings to go into the medical or law field, when her brother claimed he…