Kathy has been the senior web designer at Mochi Magazine since 2008. Although she loves the web, she doesn't particularly enjoy the intrusiveness of social media (with the exception of Instagram). Instead, her loves include public radio, art museums, languages and food. At the moment, Kathy studies Russian at UCLA, where she is pursuing an additional major in Geography/Environmental Studies.

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Female Lead Jing Tian is The Reason to Watch ‘The Great Wall’

February 18 • by Kathy Pham

As the largest-budgeted Chinese-Hollywood co-production to date, “The Great Wall” was released this Friday, February 17th. The movie reimagines the historical landmark as a highly weaponized fortress keeping out bloodthirsty monsters called the Tao Tei. Two prisoners from the West (played by Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal) discover the Nameless Order, an elite Chinese military…


Positive Vibes from Kore’s “Unforgettable” Gala

December 18 • by Kathy Pham

Dressed to the nines, our beloved Hollywood stars floated down to the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, December 10 for Kore Asian Media’s “Unforgettable” Gala. In its 15th year, the celebration highlighted the work of Asian American Pacific Islander actors, musicians, directors, and other key players in entertainment. Jeannie Mai hosted the night with light-hearted jokes…


Asian American Entertainers Talk About Industry Change at the CAPE Gala

October 30 • by Kathy Pham

“Twenty five years ago, I used to joke that there were more space aliens than Asians [on the screen],” says Wenda Fong, one of three co-founders of the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE). But on Saturday October 22nd, Fong celebrated CAPE’s 25th anniversary gala with a full house of actors, producers and digital…


David Au’s Eat With Me Mother-Son Tale Addresses Generational and Cultural Divide

June 11 • by Kathy Pham

In David Au’s Eat With Me, a mother learns to accept her estranged son’s sexual orientation through a journey that involves dumplings, street tacos, and ecstasy pills. This is the Hong-kong born director’s first feature film, which was inspired by his short Fresh like Strawberries. In this comedy, we explore the lives of a mother…