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Elaine Low is an L.A.-based financial journalist and producer for Investor's Business Daily. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, Hungry Girl, Audrey, and the Pacific Citizen, and her Mochi story, "Diagnosing the Asian American Eating Disorder," was republished in the Cengage Learning textbook, "Eating Disorders (Opposing Viewpoints series)."

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Trump Ends DACA, Impacting Around 800,000 Undocumented Youth

September 6 • by Elaine Low

This morning, the White House (under the direction of Trump) announced that it is ending DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era initiative that grants work permits to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. The move impacts around 800,000 children and young adults, but gives Congress a six-month window…


Snapshots From The Women’s March: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City

January 22 • by Elaine Low


Miss Hawaii and Miss Nebraska Speak Out on the Trump Controversy

July 11 • by Elaine Low

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump burned bridges with Miss USA partners and sponsors after calling undocumented Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals”—a move that promoted the original lineup of hosts, broadcasting partner NBC, and a slew of sponsors to flee from the pageant. But that hasn’t deterred Sunday’s contestants from looking forward to taking the stage. Mochi chatted with Miss Hawaii, Emma Wo, and Miss Nebraska,…


Mochi Minis: Selfies, Jeopardy, and Adorable Little Korean Kids Edition

March 14 • by Elaine Low

John Cho’s probably singing “First, let me take a selfie,” since he just booked a lead role in ABC’s new sitcom, “Selfie,” about a self-absorbed 20-something social media junkie who becomes the subject of a not-so-flattering viral video (our worst nightmare).  [Entertainment Weekly] In other TV news, Eddie Huang’s project “Fresh Off the Boat” (now…


Mochi Minis: EGOTs, Book Apps, and American-Themed Parties

March 7 • by Elaine Low

This English teacher says she “wasn’t beautiful enough to live in South Korea” and being a size 8 made her feel “like a whale” there. [BuzzFeed] Speaking of living abroad, did you know that college kids in other countries throw American-themed parties? One of these soirees is called an AMERICAN PARTY (of course), and the…


Mochi Exclusive: Who was the Dapper Asian American Presenter on Team Oscar?

March 4 • by Elaine Low

If you caught the Oscars Sunday night, maybe you were wondering who the Asian American presenter was—you know, the one introduced by Channing Tatum? Nathan Flanagan-Frankl (pictured, fourth from the left), one-sixth of the team that helped present golden statuettes all evening (most notably, for Best Picture), agreed to answer some questions for us over…


A Glimpse into a Hollywood Gifting Suite

March 2 • by Elaine Low

The Academy Awards are upon us, and Mochi got a chance to set foot in one of the many pre-Oscars celebrity gifting suites about town. What’s a celebrity gifting suite, you ask? Essentially, PR companies organize events in which vendors give away tons of free merch to celebs, generally in the hopes that these high-profile…

College & Career

A Quick Guide to Asian American Student Conferences, Winter/Spring 2014

January 21 • by Elaine Low

Attention, college Mochi readers! Get your travel plans ready, because conference season is just around the corner. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the Asian American student conferences popping up this winter and spring: Feb. 8, 2014 APAAC, the Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference, takes place at UC Irvine in a few weeks, featuring…


Crazy Rich Asian Americans: ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’ Episode 1, Recapped

January 20 • by Elaine Low

Equipped with a Hello Kitty-clad iPhone and a $3 billion family fortune, 25-year-old Dorothy Wang is “funemployed and fabuluxe,” and Instagramming every moment of it. She’s one half of the ditzy duo of #RichKids of Beverly Hills (oh yes, the hashtag is in the show title), E!’s latest reality offering that covers the world of…


Mochi Minis: ‘Is This Racist?’ Edition

January 17 • by Elaine Low

Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” kicked up a stir with its (Kill Bill-inspired?) Very Special Slapsgiving episode, which included Lily, Robin, and Ted dolled up in Oriental garb, complete with a Fu Manchu mustache on Ted. The show’s creators have apologized, calling it an “homage to Kung Fu movies,” but not before the…