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Mochi Magazine is an online magazine specifically for young Asian American women. You are probably wondering, “Who (whatwhenwherewhyhow) is Mochi?” Until a few years ago, we were, like you, looking for relevant hair and makeup tips, for advice regarding cultural confusion and racial identity. Many of us were looking without even realizing it at the time. But we figured out eventually that we were seeking something that simply did not exist.

Society has come a long way in its representation of Asians, but we still have a ways to go. Even today, Asian representation in film mostly consists of martial arts flicks with the same actors, and the Asian American identity is completely overlooked. However, coming to terms with “Asian American” – the convergence despite all odds of two or more vastly different cultures – can be more difficult than learning our parents’ mother tongues or Tae Kwon Do. “Asian American,” in fact, is an identity apart from the terms “Asian” and “American” – it is the space between the two words that we struggle with.

When we first began Mochi, we had an idea for a publication that would address all the things that would have made “Asian American” a little easier to understand. We envisioned Mochi as the older sister you never had, who could answer all of those simple but essential fashion and beauty questions. We imagined a supportive resource in the exploration of Asian American identities. At the very least, we hoped that Mochi would serve as a good conversation starter.

In just a few months, Mochi has grew from three girls into a vibrant community. Today, we are a collection of perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities hailing from colleges, high schools, and careers nationwide and even abroad. What was once a mere idea is now a full-fledged publication with over forty talented and passionate staff members. In witnessing the growth of Mochi, we have learned a lot about you – ambitious, smart, multi-talented and curious girls – and, consequently, ourselves. And as Mochi continues to grow and reach out to more girls like you, we hope to keep learning.

We encourage you to help out by being active readers of Mochi. Let us inspire you to pursue a new career path, try out a new look, or listen to a different music genre. And if you have ideas, share them with us! After all, where would we be without you – our readers?

Maggie, Sandra, and Steph

Why the name Mochi?

Mochi is a chewy dessert made of pounded glutinous rice that has its origins in Far East Asia. While bean paste and mugwort fillings have traditionally supplemented the subtle sweetness of the rice, recent practices have included the use of ice cream as a filling. In addition to being a tasty food item, mochi has had the remarkable fortune of bridging the culinary gap between east and west, as it has gained a following in America.



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